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Fashion Week's new kids

countdown to the New Zealand Week less than two weeks.

Wellington Brand Two miracles only lasts eight months, but its designers sophea Son, 28, and Sophie Knapp, 23, have grabbed the opportunity to follow your dream shows at Fashion Week after being accepted into the show.

Because their choices are busy planning and participating fashion week boot camp in Auckland, training on everything from casting models for the interviews.

The couple is also preparing to show at Fashion Week in Cambodia, after accepting an invitation to participate in the inaugural event in Phnom Penh in October. Sin is a close belonging to Cambodia - his parents came to New Zealand as a Cambodian refugee. She and Knapp traveled to Cambodia and many times are members of the Cambodian Council of Fashion.

Winter 2012 collection will be present in New Zealand Fashion Week was inspired by Cambodia. "It's got old-fashioned feel, but with a modern twist and a lot of rich silk in bold colors," says Son.

"This is very different from New Zealand's black," says Knapp. "Two miracles is all about finding new things. We do not want to follow trends, we want to make new ones." While their decision to "jump and make Fashion Week" might seem premature, Son, and Knapp have several years of experience to offer the label.

Sin is designed and manufactured her mark Zsabhai (Cambodian word for happiness) for the past four years, which is selling her shop Coco Wellington.

The couple, who are now "best friends", met at the store, when Knapp was a student on a tight budget, but are still buying expensive clothes Zimmermann. She completed her studies in creative technology and is now head of the shop, and during the last five years, women have been attended by New Zealand and Australian fashion weeks as a customer.

Knapp "has always been a sucker for nice clothes," while Son does not have formal training in fashion design, she is sewing of 10 years.

They were described as "two miracles" of the Son of man because of insatiable energy and enthusiasm, and this is one of the reasons behind their mark ime.Ostale references Cambodia Angkor Wat, often described as the second wonder of the world.


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