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1940's Women's Fashion Inventions

1940-Fashion is a major time constraints on the design, fabric and trim materijala.Rat forced clothing designs to be simple, but it also produces forced to be creative with what they could be used to invent new materijale.1940's brought about a new women's fashion since the invention of which many are still around today.

  1. band. Prior to 1940 the female form is made metal boned corsets. In 1940 the belt was invented as a form of tummy tuck lingerie. It is only in the form of the middle down to the hips and create a smooth, hourglass silhouette associated with a vintage mode.Pojas uncomfortable and eventually replaced nylons or underwear with no formatting at all. Today, the belt is back with body shapers, hosiery control top, control top underwear and other suck and smooth foundation garments. They May have changed name, but these dresses are updated belt in disguise.
  2. wedge shoes. Leather and wood needed for the war and shoe designs that are creative. The solution is pluto.Cork only used for shoe heels, and then wrapped in pretty fabric, mesh, or even a reptile skin. It is economically and allowed the higher the heel, then what is considered safe-heeled pumps. Today wedgies coming and out of fashion, especially in summer, when the wedge sandals hit the beach.
  3. Rayon . If you did not know, Rayon is a synthetic fabric. It was invented and became popular in 1940. Until then, wool, silk and cotton is what the clothing is made of. Silk and cotton are needed for the war that Rayon was used instead. It could be light or heavy like silk like wool. Today, rayon is still used in fine fabrics, especially in the summer.
  4. pantyhose . Before the 40-women's socks are made of silk. They are very sensitive and needed frequent mending and washing their hands. Dupont invented nylon and then as "nylons" became a brand name for the socks. Today, nylon is still used to make all kinds of socks and fabric.
  5. Zipper. Thanks to the new invention of the 1940 women can Zip up garment, instead of using buttons, snaps or lacing.
  6. Plastic. Although various forms of plastic has been around since the 1920s, it was not until 1940 that really is the central place in the fashion world. Jewelry is made ​​of Bakelite plastic in large colorful designs. Handbags, makeup case, and household items are from Lucite. You can identify these plastic names, but I'm sure you're aware that plastic is everywhere in the world of fashion, from the cute barrettes in zippers on the bag handles.
  7. shoulders. You may think that the 1980s were the first decade of use of shoulder bags. They actually go back much further than 1940, but as a regular fashion for women 1940 were the first. They used the shoulder dresses, jackets, blouses, and to square with the shoulder for the boxy military osjećaju.1980's largely been influenced by the 1940 fashion and thus the shoulder back in style.


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