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Jack's Finds Decades-Long Success in Vintage Fashion

In the cut-throat world of retail, "Cheap Jack" Markus is a wild-card survivors.

After 37 years of seismic changes in fashion trends, the Cheap Jack's Vintage Clothing is still going jaka.12.000 square meters used-clothing emporium sits in the shadow of Manhattan's Empire State Building, and its huge inventory attracted a diverse client base that includes tourists , designers, celebrities and models. Vintage items range from casual clothes and cowboy boots, the dresses and furs, and even accessories that date back as far as the 1800th

However, the Cheap Jack longevity in the fiercely competitive and changing world of fashion merchandising may surprise many modern businesses. While most monitors industry trends sophisticated computer systems, Markus, who runs the store with his wife, Mona is stubbornly old-school. It does its buying, the price of goods by hand, and refuses to sell over the Internet -. Although the web page

A, a designer who occasionally frequents his store can grab 1950 dress for $ 175 and turn it into $ 6000, "the source" without changing the point, Markus says it does not matter. He thrives on the eclectic fashion resource for clients, which range from splashy TV shows like Mad Men and teenage fashionistas in search of funky 1980 T-shirt.

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"My clients are and who are they," says Markus. "My bread and butter is people walking in off the street. I do not rely on movie stars and celebrities ."

of fancy fur on sports jerseys for T-shirts of bands that broke up decades ago, Cheap Jack styles are featured in fashion magazines like Elle and Vogue, as well as TV shows like Project Runway and Isaac Mizrahi Show.


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