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Will Smith's Fashion Style

Will Smith is a fashion icon that is adored and popular for his singing, acting and his fashionable style. He was born in Philadelphia in 1968 to the school administrator mom, and her father an engineer cooling. He became a big star on his popular television sitcom "Fresh Prince of Bel Air '. Then he was seen wearing neon colors, hats worn backwards, baggy pants, jackets and inverted, and various other matching outfits. He does not know it then, but he would later become one of the most noticed and adored African American celebrities ever come to Hollywood.

Will Smith really became a big name in Hollywood world for their killer style and killer looks after the movie "Men in Black '. It is because of high stature, wide broad shoulders, and his pearly white teeth. It is also due fashionable clothes that he expresses, or perhaps the positive fashion influence he gets from his very beautiful wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

The second is definitely a must have in Will Smith's fashion style is Bling Bling or flashy jewelry worn. He likes to wear big, blaring flashy gold necklaces that has become a big thing for men. You May even see him wearing a diamond ring, and then some on his big muscular arms. Whether the style is unique because he adds sophistication and class with its latest jewels topic. It will be seen wearing an elegant dark suit equipped mixed with the perfect tie to match, along with his dazzling gold accessories.


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