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Is London Fashion Week Promoting The Zero

After the ban size 0 models in Madrid and Milan, it is expected in London to keep up the protest, during Fashion Week. However, organizers of Fashion Week in London say they will not ban size zero models designers, if you insist to use them, but simply ask them to use healthy looking models.

in the UK the average woman is size 12, but more and more young girls to appear on the catwalk, and the spotlight sporting character size zero (English size 4). If our girls in the UK when this ultra-slim images in magazines, on television and on the runway, it may begin to doubt your natural body shape, which were once comfortable in. Because these small-framed woman wearing the latest designer trends , will give our women have no other message than "it looks good on that size." Many women may be put off wearing the latest trends as they feel that make them look 'fat' compared to the likes of the English Roses, Lily Cole.

After the Uruguay Luisella Ramos died in August 2006, in Uruguay at the Fashion Week, many fashion capitals rethought type of images they provide for many women around the world. Luisella a 18 - year-old model is set to star in the fashion week in Uruguay, but he died of heart failure during a concert after starving herself.

Madrid is one of the first ban ultra-slim model in September last year, shortly followed by Milan, in order to promote healthy and beautiful pictures. Even Jean Paul Gaultier was replaced by the small size zero models for feminine size 20, during Paris Fashion Week last October.

seems to be a mixed view of the infamous size zero. Many cities and designers have shown their support for healthier looking girls saying no to zero, but it means that other cities such as London, supported by a slim appearance which does not prohibit them. Many predicted that views life-size 12 women will think when you see the size zero, but has anyone thought about it, of course, slim size 6-8 years will feel?

Many girls size 6 or 8, which are naturally small framed and healthy, may have diminished his confidence is his neighbor heard the commotion size zero. He said that if you have a BMI below 18 years are underweight, and if under 15, you are the tenant of the disease. Will it scare off an ultra-thin models scare healthy women think they have the disorder? Many people think about women who are actually sick, but not about women who are that size because it suits their body shape. Will women in the UK need to start by measuring BMI regularly to see if they are safe, thin, or swallowed a bug?

It seems that women should feel comfortable in a size that, of course, whether it be size 20, 12 or even six. All that is healthy for them really should not matter, rather than what is shown in the media. However, it is hard not to think about the type of picture will be when women began at London Fashion Week. Will our nation become one of uncertainty, unless we follow the trend? Hopefully asking designers to use the 'healthy looking models will be a success in London and not get caught in the way to zero.


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