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Men's Fashions in the 1920s - Al Capone Style Guide

1920s fashion is known for its beautiful flapper dress and cloche hat, but men's fashion in 1920 is often forgotten.

So what the men wear in 1920?

It was during the classical style for men. Stylish celebrities such as Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, and the infamous Al Capone lent a sense of style this season.

Al Capone was recently voted # 3 most stylish man of all time according to Esquire magazine. It was almost 80 years after his death, so what made ​​his fashion so famous?

Al Capone's Suits

Capone became famous for being the most "larger than life" crime boss in full-time larger than life personality.

Capone's silk pinstriped suits played the perfect antithesis to his rough career. These clothes are soft silk, imported directly from Italy, and often cost upwards of $ 500, which in 1920 was an incredible amount of money.

Installation and over their shoulders, men's suits in 1920 were typically twice the breast, with a large butterfly lapels, the typical colors of dark gray, charcoal, or black.

When Capone in Chicago, cold weather often require heavier fabric, a fedora hat and a coat, which became the standard layout became known.

He often wore a navy or black chalk striped odijela.Kreda bold stripe pattern was popularized in 1920 by high profile people like bankers and lawyers, as a crime boss Al Capone. And actors like Charlie Chaplin (who is still well-dressed male celebrity 1920).

boldness of the lines reflects the confidence that he carried with Capone.

is often forgotten, Capone regularly shirked tradition and wear their costumes in tan and beige. This is partly because he spent much time in Florida during the hot and humid requires lighter fabrics and colors. There are a lot of pictures hanging in Al white short-sleeved button-shirt and neatly pressed khaki pants.


Capone is also known by various ties he wore in 1920. Always silk, usually dark, with an interesting pattern.

in 1920 Men wore ties similar to the popular narrow ties today. These are often praised popular jazz outfit from the Roaring Twenties. In almost every respect, narrow Jazz Outfit is a difference in the silk suit "power" was popularized by Capone.

Capone's connections are tight and loud, while the thin tie artists and jazz musicians were thin and the "everyday" materials such as cotton and wool.

Pocket Square

Capone pocket square was another aspect of his appearance that he never overlooked. He wore a silk pocket square, often in contrasting colors on his suit. It is usually white, and added "pop" in style.


In the 1920s, men have had several styles of shoes to wear. However, although there were many different styles of shoes, the quality is very high considering the many cobblers who have migrated from Europe at that time.

Capone usually wore a high shiny black or brown oxfords that cost him hundreds of dollars in today's money.

in the movies, gangsters in the 1920s often depicted wearing a black and white wingtips.

This view is not truly accurate men's fashion in 1920. That was in contrast to Oxford wing tipped shoes, but it must often have different shades of brown or black.


If there is a "calling card" feature of Al Capone's clothing that is overlooked by the big stogie hanging out of his mouth.

big cigar has become a symbol of high status men in power. Al Capone started this trend in 1920 and it still exists today.

1920 Fashion - Wrapping styles

Men's fashion in 1920 varied widely, from small jazz outfit popularized by artists and musicians, to brave the power broker suit Al Capone and the bootleggers of the club owners, bankers and pravnika.Kvalitet 1920 fashion was a high influx from Europe tailors and old school clothing construction methods.


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