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Influence of Mad Men on Office Clothing

After the phenomenal success of American TV show Mad Men, we see a return smarter clothing worn in the city? If so, I think that it is not before vremena.Povremeni dress code adopted by some companies prompted the city's many inappropriate choice of clothing for the office. Thongs, plunging neckline and bare midriffs certainly the best preserved monuments of weekends and holidays dame.Isto applies to combat pants and jeans gentlemen!

1950 entrepreneur conservatively dressed in a flannel suit. Colours of the day tend to be dark brown, charcoal gray or dark plava.Junior office will be conducted similar to the company head. Office of fashion followed the American style with wide legs It's Peg short pants, jackets and single-breasted jackets. Shirt collars were small and neat and slim tie widths. Hats with a narrow rim wore most men. In the early 1960s, men wore smart, hand finished Italian suits with narrow lapels worn with a smart hat carelessly on duty.

working ladies from the 1950s are expected to wear dark colored suits them. Jackets will be brief with a built-in waist. Skirts for the most part will be set or in the 'pen' style, knee length and narrow, wide steps banned. This created a very attractive effect (for men) as the ladies wiggle moved office! To make up for the harsh coloring office clothes, jewelry and brightly colored accessories are worn. Looking forward to Mad Men effect on trends affecting office wear soon!


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