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Fashion Designer - Ruchi Mehta

Nid degree in textile design, Ruchi Mehta launched her design house under the brand SALT successfully for the last three years. This designer's creativity cells buzzing of five years, when it began processing its first client - dolls! Always on the lookout for a spark to fire up your imagination Ruchi draws inspiration from books, music, movies, people and nature around. Mark Salt was launched in London in 2003, and the collection is chosen to be part of the Asian Dreams runway show, which incorporates Asian designers in the UK organized by Newham College of further obrazovanja.Pret-a-porter show in Paris last September was the start of a new phase of fashion brand. It has caught the interest of buyers, media and fashionistas alike with its collection of "Kick the Addiction" at Lakme Fashion Week S / S 08 in Mumbai. SALT because it made ​​a place for themselves in more than 150 galleries across the UK, including Bottega Ltd, Fenwicks, and Black Orchid Ltd. With experience supplying high street brands such as Jigsaw in the UK, Australia, and New York, the company has come of age. In India, there is a sticker on the cinnamon in Bangalore, eight Bungalow in Mumbai, Amethyst in Chennai, Devigarh Fort Palace in Devigarh and her studio in Delhi. Performances in India proved successful, proving once and for all what distinguishes the customer in any country, a global entity sans borders

Ruchi Mehta

Autumn / Winter 2008

"Salt" by Ruchi Mehta

a subtle palette of textures with unique detailed embellishment is a trademark label 'salt'. This season, it extends from the western ethnic wear in a trip marked by experimentation with textures and palettes boje.Spokojan muted tones and colors that match the contrast and sprinkled with inimitable detail gives life to this autumn / winter collection from the 'salt'. Basics like old ivory, silver, pigeon, and coal have praised the olive trees, twilight, misty blue, champagne, red, ocher and sea. Like Kantha stitches combine with sparkly crewel work, rough weaves combined with sheers, to produce a variety of tones and textures. Cuff and collar details are exaggerated in sharp contrast to the otherwise light and liquid forms. Since key layers of sharp dresses to soft Saris, gently flowing collection aims to attack closets everywhere. An interesting aspect of the collection were printed leggings are used in combination with chappals and short dresses.

The entire collection of fashion designer Ruchi Mehta


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