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China Fashion Has Men's Wear

Known as the second largest capital in the world, Beijing has a booming economy and a modern type of architecture. However, one feature of the inclusion of his blend of old and new with such as the preservation of national heritage. Although the city has magnificent architecture of the National Center for the Performing Arts and beautifully designed buildings in Zhongguancun among others, the city is also home to world-renowned Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

Another addition to the wonders of the city during the China Fashion Week. With its good economy, plus a great script, fashion is not backing away iza.Tjedan China Fashion showcases talented designers who offer the latest designs and glam for locals and tourists alike. With more than 17 million people who live in the city plus the visitors come from around the world, expects a number of fashionable and trendsetters.

China Fashion Week offers its latest collection of menswear, footwear, despite last year's event. This year, Wang Qing, president of China Fashion Week, the shares will encourage more designers to focus more on making men wear their prioritet.Tema this year's "Urban Dreams" and consists of three different concepts. The modern designed collections of "City Poet," "Aviation Legend" and "Architectural Technology." The focus of design is the trend of mixing colors with a soft and warm colors that are reflected in the carefully selected fabrics and textures. The designs are sure to win the urban elite who are always changing with the latest trends and challenges.

from designer Cabeen shares that the secret lies in the shimmer and shine in the texture and that is what architecture is semi-transparent means. Featured designs are expected to surge in the coming spring and summer 2010.

recently found a niche in men's fashion has caused several issues. Does this mean the revival of the Chinese men's fashion? History shows that time it was a traditional Chinese Han Chinese clothing or HANFA. Then he became Changsan or qipao. While the fashion world is increasingly interconnected and East meets West theme occurred, fashion evolved much more. This week's fashion show demonstrates that the tie is a big part of the plans. This piece of clothing proved to be versatile, as it turns plain clothes to look trendy and fashionable wear.


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