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Qualities of a Fashion Designer

fashion industry is one of the most adventurous, creative and lucrative places, which adds a new dimension to what we wear. As in any other profession, fashion designer must also have some quality, which will him / her apart from others and assist in establishing themselves in the industry. Some of the features that are important for fashion designers who would like to establish in the fashion industry are:

1 Good communication -. Effectively be able to communicate with different people involved in creating clothing that is designed for you

2 Competition -. There are many people in the market and you have to be competitive in creating a niche for itself

3 Creative - Creativity is the foundation for a fashion designer. They come with newer ways to present their ideas and thoughts is important.

4 Draw - to be creative to begin with, and to move ahead, you'll be good in the making, as well. Only when you are able to put their thoughts and ideas on paper, others will be able to understand what you think and want.

5 Around the materials - cloth market in India is so vast that you will be able to find many different materials. Understanding the material and what is part of your job is important.

6 Sewing skills - not all work will be done by others. You'll know the basics to give shape to the garment.

7 Understanding current trends - fashion industry is changing every day. What is in fashion today will not be so tomorrow.

8 Team player - as a fashion designer involves interaction with different people to give shape to clothing. One has to be a good team player to be able to get the job done.

fashion designer also has to have certain qualities that will help them carve a niche in the industry. With creativity and adventure, of which the main theme of his career, it is important for a person to have some quality and also a fair judgment of his / her works were to succeed in this industry. Also, the designer must be keen to create a new trend, and be bold enough to do it. The ideas in your head does not go up to people, unless the person presents. Therefore, to strive to become one of the best, the designs must reach the people and accept them as a trend changer.


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