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Wide-Leg Maternity Jeans Give the Pregnant Woman Extra Fashion Options

, women with short stature can find themselves 'missing' when not wearing heels. With a wide leg maternity jeans, do not have to go through unnecessary discomfort wearing 5-inch-heeled shoes. With the right style, fabric and design, what would you look fantastic throughout pregnancy.

How is it possible to look higher, even without a heel?

Trick # 1: Go for wide leg jeans maternity:

A wide-bottomed jeans create the illusion that makes you look taller. There are various designs and fabrics for these jeans. Choose fabrics that are smooth and elastic to allow movement.

Trick # 2: Wash and stripes:

Wide leg maternity jeans are still in demand in today's fashion. Dark-washed and acid washing are two common washes can be seen in most jeans today. Dark washes more suitable for women with larger thighs. This hides the bulk around the hips, giving it a more slender and longer look. Acid washes are great for women with slender thighs.

To complete the 'illusion', longitudinal stripes extend the legs on. Dark jeans with white stripes will look great with a casual top or blouse.

Trick # 3: Branded vs. non-branded:

maternity wear should be worth your money without sacrificing comfort. If you can stretch your budget a little, branded jeans are the way to go! J Brand, Seven, Juicy Couture and American mother sold some of the best wide leg jeans in maternity market.

For the budget conscious, bargain stores are available for hunting! There are several brick and mortar establishments that sell a wide leg jeans for pregnant women at half the price. Finding a comfortable pair under these circumstances can be a bit tricky - but not impossible


To finish, a little creativity would not hurt. Play with trendy tops, accessories and shoes. Even with flats or flip-flops, and will remain high with wide leg jeans. "Gray" does not have to be standard when you go through pregnancy. Look fantastic with a great pair of jeans and sleek top -. Even without heels,


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