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The Effects of Fashion Style to Females

Impact of Fashion Style for Women
Fashion is a nice effect to all females over the years, as a result of the females were more fashionable styles than men. For women, fashion statement and determines your personality by showing their very different styles. Fashion should be recognizable in every individual, but as a result of media influence fashion custom made ​​common denominator that most people imitate become like a "supermodel". Fashion Vogue has its positive and negative effects on females. We will confirm the initial negative effects of a fashion statement and we will tend to re-implement it with a positive impact.
Negative effects of fashion style
The identity. Your identity is affected with fashion fashion because they tend to follow what has been stereotyped in the fashion world. Fashion business created stereotypical supermodel as marked on the beautiful with her slim physique. Most women worked so hard just to get the supermodel figure, as a result of their misconceptions about the beautiful. To them a little meat and fat is fat is not beautiful.
The financial deficit. Stereotype is what's happening with fashion style. You regularly buy branded garments that are terribly expensive and tend to pay more out of what you can earn simply to contemporary fashion with fashion and end up broke or in debt might be.


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