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Which Jeans Are Right For You?

Every woman in the world knows the problem: how to find that one pair of jeans that fits and looks good on you? In this article we compare the five brands of jeans: Lee, Wrangler, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Levi, and the


Lee jeans - can be described as very pleasant. They also last a decent amount of time. Of course, this is partly dependent on how often they nosite.Tkanina is quite soft, and often have a link to džepovima.Traperice are cheaper than other brands mentioned in this article. Note, however, that Lee jeans will fit better when they are small, but if you are over weight.

Calvin Klein Jeans - They have a much higher price and brand spends a lot of money on their marketing kampanje.Traperice are good fit.Tkanina is soft. They are really nice jeans for everyday, they feel so easy to think that they wore sweatpants. Calvin Klein jeans last forever. The brand also has distinctive features such as front pocket corners tucked and sewn rather than riveted. Despite the price, Calvin Klein jeans are worth it.

Levi's Jeans - One of the oldest brands of jeans and they fit really nicely, just like Calvin Klein traperice.Glavna difference however is that the fabric does not soften as well, such as Calvin Klein jeans. Levi, however, also last forever. This brand of jeans has a lot to offer their various modele.Glavna advantage is that Levi never out of fashion. If you have a specific model that you really like and that looks good on you, you can almost be sure that the model will continue to be sold for more than ten years or more. In addition, they also offer new models in accordance with the latest fashions. Levi is like Lee jeans. They will fit better on a thin person

Wrangler jeans - they are very comfortable jeans for everyday. They look casual, but it seems more socially acceptable to you but such as sweat hlače.Traperice look fine and fit well. Regardless of the model you always fit udobno.Najbolji part is that Wrangler jeans come in all price ranges, so you can always find one for your budget. In general, they are really cheap compared to other brands. Wrangler jeans wear something more than as Levi's or Calvin Klein jeans, but it seems a good price for it. Another good feature, especially for women, the Wrangler jeans offers models that look great on most people.

Diesel jeans - they fit somewhere in the middle. Their prices are mid-range to very expensive. The material is soft, but it also does not soften up as good as the other mentioned brands.Glavna advantage of Diesel jeans that you can wear them forever. This brand has always followed the latest fashion. Regardless of the model taken with a Diesel, you will always look cool.


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