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Top 10 Fashion Trends to Be Thankful For

1 Platform Shoes

Every woman, no matter how high, to be even stronger. The platforms are easy and enjoyable way to do this. Even the £ 10 off for added height makes your legs look longer, making you look thinner.

2 Ballet Flats

At the other end of the spectrum, thanks to the fashion gods that flats are back in style. While platforms make you look taller and slimmer, they can also be painful and dangerous (twisting your ankle really hurts, and takes a long time to heal). Flats to evoke thoughts Audrey Hepburn, and make you feel light on your feet. Stylish and comfortable, there is now an oxymoron to be thankful for!

3 Statement Jewelry

is necessary even boring outfit to the next level. You can wake up late and do not know what to wear to work. Just throw something on, and add a statement jewelry, and viola, you look pulled together and stylish!

4 Bold Prints

hides all. Bold prints distract the eye away from them what is below, which covers all its weaknesses, and areas of concern. This attention hoggers steal the show, and for once, it's a good thing.

5 Cross Body Bags

After a few years schleping around large totes and giving yourself scoliosis, cross body bag is there to save the day, well, except our backs at least. Even when they meet at the max, they are easier to handle, because your body dissipates a bit of weight. And leave your hands free so you can talk on the phone and carry your tall skinny latte, all at the same time.

6 Maxi Skirt

Along the same lines as the platform shoes, Maxi skirt makes you look taller and slimmer, something that I think we can all agree is desirable. The long length of fabric to make your legs look longer. It also sits higher on the natural waist that you can instantly look thinner, instead of those low-rise trend that is only to attract the attention of the widest part of your body.

7 Jeans

iconic American style is a timeless classic, and for good reason. Durable and versatile, you do not have to worry about wearing them, or going out of style. Now adays, they can go anywhere. I've seen them in the opera, I saw them in nightclubs, I've seen them at brunch, I've even seen them on the wedding! Not sure what to wear? Put on jeans and a fancy top, and you can go anywhere. This is an American uniform.

8 Ruffles

Finally something romantic and feminine and easy to carry. Place the ruffles where you have a problem area, and it is immediately disguised. Small bust? Add ruffles on her cleavage and visually increase its size. Wide hips? Add ruffles at the edge of her skirt, and hips will shrink.

9 Asymmetric cuts

the attractiveness of the collar bone is definitely underplayed.Asimetričnim neckline, exposing only one side of which is usually covered with a surface, is surprisingly sexy. Flattering on just about anyone to neckline draws the eye upward to your face, so be sure you're great.

10 Trench Coat

trench coat equals instant chic. Throw it on over anything, and you suddenly look polished and pulled together. Neutral and versatile, you can deal with any and every occasion. And because it is so timeless and classic, it will never go out of fashion. After all, it's in style since the 1940s.


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