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To-Be Fashion Trends

At the end of the last century and, of course, at the dawn of the new millennium "HAPPENIING," with considerable enthusiasm and takes a long time in the "future" were the key factors that influence the fashion industry. People want to live in the present - not looking unatrag.Stvarnost is significant, because the world is changing so rapidly, resulting in a large development, as people expect more n more than the present and emerging economies.

Today, the world has a very different future, it predicts. After years of neglect history re-emerged with a broader acceptance. People have again begun to appreciate the core values​​, old traditions, ceremonies and kept them as a treasure for us. They look to the past, in search of his roots, to have something more important. All this affects our lives, our choices and our tendency to move. It can also happen in fashion too.

Old Fashion - Back in time
People have been successful to get a point of equilibrium fluctuations in the world. This is only our history inspiracija.Modna industry has soared with the look-Alikes, who were present, even before the originals, which allows several designers. It is time to think a situation such as the fashion industry instead stopped moving forward in creating new innovations. This is going to dive deeper into the past to bring a contemporary version of the fast movement and deposits. Under the same conditions, policies, ideologies of ethics, values​​, regulations, category and style is clearly visible in the fashion industry too.

historical echoes bouncing back - repeat history
History rolls his own tradition. In the fashion industry, the journey begins in ancient Europe. People value and re-organize the treasure, diving deep into the era of the latest European fashion clothing designs to large embroideries and laces of great big mothers. People are witnessing the return of the old retro fashion trends.

Class Fashion
Attraction, high class and modernity are key trends to-be. Designer inspired by the old members of the aristocracy, is today a highly društvo.Sofisticirana lady now dressed as a queen, princess or carice.Prisutna high class is cautious and less lavish, as opposed to show-off fashion trends.

Classical styles
Due to the change in the settings, all sources of inspiration (such as the classic, classic British couture and men's classic weaving), are built and elegance into a feminine style.

Styles of the pioneers of the plains
The journey from the historic way crosses all boundaries of different countries, fashion from Britain, France, Russia, etc. .. of country life, gypsy and folk styles of fashion. People can find ways of fashion inspiration from the initial European immigrants in America.

Ethnic Styles
Influence of eastern countries over the fashion industry is in decline, but their economy is becoming a real competitive dilemma in the western world. Although there is considerable cultural influence of African Muslim countries with their exotic jewelry and embroidery designs.

It is confusing that nothing is clear for the future. People will witness the impact first of all ...

Natural Preference
After a long time with extreme elegance, glamor, gloss, insane design, print and pattern mixes, people are moving towards natural harmony. Originals from Mother Nature, natural texture and shine, in a zig-zag and we appeal. Now, people want to go to the durability and quality fabrics, luxury and exotic designs.

People are tired of fast fashion trends and hip hop, now they want long lasting comfortable clothing and timeless style. Maintaining a distance of 'low-cost clothing, with the appearance of a high standard of living reveal. People want all these extravagances for a low price.

People would rather smart and stunning games, which are the main keys to fashion a mixture of different motifs, materials, designs and all in one suit. The random mixing, mix-and-match fashion, mixed patch work and intense style, chances are talking about the past.


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