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Jeans Dangers


The modern way of life requires more and more mobility and concentration. This is the reason why they would not spend much time on extreme range of clothing items many women prefer to wear jeans custom. However, there are many dangers awaiting Wrangler jeans-lovers. How can we avoid and what should we do about it?


and contact dermatitis occurs exactly to the skin by rubbing the soiled fabrics. In addition, a variety of skin irritation can be caused by metal zippers and rivets, designer jeans, as well as other furniture. Especially dangerous are elasticized jeans. Picture-tight skinny jeans worsen blood circulation in the legs and severely irritate the skin.

If you feel uncomfortable and find the place of irritation, the best solution for the problem immediately cease to wear skinny jeans, at least for awhile. Then be sure to consult a doctor.

You should never forget that you do not treat contact dermatitis can be overcome in an allergic reaction to the whole body. Sometimes even a fungous disease appearing. In this case, you should be sure to cook your jeans for an hour, otherwise the disease will come back. But to follow all rules of hygiene should simply does not wash his favorite rare then once a month, you also need to iron them after the inside.

But probably the greatest danger lies in the low-quality jeans. Generally, they are made of coarse cloth with the use of poor quality paint. Therefore, allergic reactions often occur after wearing these jeans.

strange as it may seem, some fashion trends can be dangerous, too. For example, low-waisted jeans design lead to the spread of nephritis. Several years ago, doctors around the world have been flooded with patient flow, and even pregnant women were among the patients.

Canadian doctors believe that skinny figure-tight jeans cause nerve compression and the paresthesia. U.S. governors developed legal campaign that forbids men to wear wide jeans, calling it a threat to society. However, until now, the naked areas of skin showing off the clothes are officially banned only in Louisiana.

Interestingly - designers did not immediately fall in love with jeans. They need some time to get your thoughts and begin to design a jeans collection of coarse cotton cloth. However, when the end of the 1960s Luis Ferro presented his jeans completely decorated with rhinestones, success exceeded all expectations. After this style of jeans becomes a source of inspiration for many fashion couturiers and art Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier to prove.


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