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What Men Really Want You to Wear

OK, so what men really want to wear? You might be reading this and thinking to yourself, "Who cares what he wants - I'll wear what 'I' want '... Well, that's all fine and good. But if you want to please and impress your man you might just want to peek below ... you never know, maybe just enjoy some of it anyway! And if you really do not care what he thinks, what the hell are you doing with him

So, let's start with the statement that most women will have made (and are) far more effort in the beginning stages of relationships. You can take more care of your hair, your makeup and your appearance in general. You will usually wear heels more and just generally smarter clothes. Then, with time and the steps that you have an old word 'knowledge' and all of a sudden you drop your standards a little.

Before I go any further, let's review what he does 'not' like to see his wife (for most people, it is a fact), and what you will find deeply unattractive, although he would not have balls to tell ...

sloppy tracksuit, baggy and over-sized t-shirts, in fact, something baggy and way too big for you, the trainers on your feet all the time, no makeup at all (ever), hair scraped back because it hasn 't was washed, over-sized pajamas in the thick rough material ... To get the picture. As I said above, he probably will not mention how bad, plain, boring, unattractive appearance, but you trust me, he sure as hell will notice. Just like he'll notice some hottie when not with you (someone who is making the effort you used to be one, as when you first met )...

Do not give him an excuse to go looking elsewhere. Nobody is saying that everything should be about looks and, of course, we should be able to relax and let the guard down a little when we used the relationship, but I really would 'appreciate it if you let it go from smart and Valid for a little monkey? Really, ask yourself, how would you feel towards him? Do not make your opinion of him just then later!

Moving on now, what men really want to wear?

Well, I think the opposite of everything above. Think about when you first got together, and how you invest the time and effort to look good. He appreciated and 'you' felt great. It is a good and positive thing to worry about how you look. This makes 'you' feel good, feed their self-esteem, to boost your confidence and radiates outward in everything you do. And on the other hand, 'see' anything worth having, that is you. You can feel proud to be with you.

Ok, back to the list. If you need a reminder: First of all, do your makeup and hair and spray your favorite perfume. Do not forget to care (it goes without saying that is shaving, waxing, I do not care how you do it, but please girls, take care of it !)

Men 'love' heel. They like well-fitting clothes. Think pencil skirts, soft or silky satin blouses, socks (they love) especially running stitches on the back of the leg. Hats are very sexy. Gloves are also. Accessories are a wonderful way to dress up any odijelo.Opremljen dress in a color that suits you will go down very well, to pair with heels. Forget the label (the designer and the size of it) and go for what 'fits' you and 'looks' good. No matter what size you are. Go for what looks good on you.

Men like 'feminine' appearance. It makes them feel masculine and protective of you. Avoid any grungy like the plague. Most men would run a mile from something like that.

As for the bedroom, I think a soft satin baby dolls, teddies, soft silky pajamas, a pair of ballet-type slippers or cute mules with fur. At least once in a while, ditch big fat fuzzy gray fabric crisp cotton sleepwear.

Jeans (if any) have a good look. The dark navy jeans especially smart. Them with heels, fitted shirt and a blazer, a good belt and clutch bag and you're onto a winner. Smart fitted suit pants are also very sexy with heels.


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