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Indian Designer Manish Arora With His Baroque Ornamentation at Paris Fashion Week

The future is here, at least for Indian designer Manish Arora, who presented his baroque ornaments mode.Dizajner week to Paris, known for his love of vibrant colors and abstract forms, took inspiration from the Baroque and artistic style prevalent than end of the 16th century to early 18th ruling century Europe characterized by a dynamic movement, open emotion and self-confident rhetoric. For Manish is a very individualistic and India, although some of the fashion critic, said her Lady Gaga going pointless.

Manish Indian techniques in combination with geometric designs in bold colors with a beautiful heady mix of different types of head gear and weird hairstyles for your beach baroque set of clothes. When his show started with a sudden splash of color. He said the international way bottomline is that there should be more boring, Manish spoke to news agencies on their collection.

It was his fifth season at the biggest fashion trade event - Fashion Week in Paris, and his ninth international showcase - Paris (five shows) and London (four shows). His collection was also supported by Swarovski, which is described by the designers as "mute, metallic, crystalline and European with broad shoulders and tough armor-like plates and Greek military epaulettes."

What's in the collection - glamorous evening ensembles futuristic dresses reminiscent of the Star War series, the hips of dresses were padded for additional contours and looks stiff, sheer pants and tops with sequins, embroidered clothes with crystals, beads, fine metal jackets, appliqué needlework and long Victorian trains with asymmetrical hemlines, trailing feet in sheer organza, crepe, net, cotton, satin, silk and georgettes on the floor.

Do not miss Manish signature shoes, metallic pumps, bangles, and head gear in a motor car. Paris Fashion Week was stunned!


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