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What Are The Top 2012 Fashion Trends For Men?

In recent years, fashion becomes more interesting and progressive. Many new trends are introduced every year, and most of them will be considered obsolete within a year or two. If you want to keep a trendy image, it is essential that you learn the top fashion trends for men this year.

1) bolder colors
Many leading fashion designers create clothes with bold colors last year. This year, you can expect to be used even bolder colors. Green, orange, mustard, and other colors that were previously used in the parts may be the main color of entire collections. Also, expect to see widespread use of strong and beautiful colors, like blue.

2) boxy coats
Some designers will be pushing a new lawsuit stops this year, which is milder, cleaner, and boxier than anything seen in recent years. This is a deliberate attempt to leave the nostalgia trend that was popular in the past few seasons.

3) New Double chest Blazers
Double chest Blazers have made a return in the last few years, and you'll see more of them in fashion shows and clothing stores this year. They may be variations in the chest twice Blazers who are already out there in terms of scale jackets or other aspects.

4) The former is known as the White
White has always been a popular color choice for men's clothing, but it will be a little different this year. Off-white, dirty white, colored clothing and bones will be displayed on the runways. All these colors are particularly different from the harsh and bleached white versions.

5) trousers
For several seasons, men's pants are becoming narrower, bridging the gap between the straight and skinny. Now when they came into the abyss, many designers are starting to return to the more dramatic option. Expect to see the wider pants, in such suits and separates in fashion shows this year.

6) Mix of formal and informal
To some extent, fashion shows to create interesting combinations of high and low. This year, they will be mixing the formal with informal. Luxury fabrics will be combined with electric pieces create a relaxed and casual look.

7) runs Forms
Apparel with undulating forms will become more popular this year. The best designers will present clothes that are wider, longer, looser, and more flowing.

8) print
Last year, the bright colors and color blocking are present in many collections of top designers. This year, men's clothing will have non-traditional colors and fun prints and patterns. You will see a large selection of graphics appearing on the runways, ranging from polkas camouflage.

9) Wool Pants
Wool pants have never been a fashion trend. However, they are usually seen in many traders look-books and editorials, and their versatility has made them a desired item of clothing for men from all walks života.Modna industry today is to promote the pants that are textured and flecked or wool pants and can be a hot fashion item .


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