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Men - How to Dress For a Date in 5 Easy Steps

Dating these days is difficult. This is not the good old days when men were really impress women with their nobility. Women these days are much more independent, and most really do not need a man to take care of them. They still want a courteous gentleman, but that someone is trying way too hard to impress you. Women see right through it. Of course you should always pay more for power, but do not have to open the car door, but if it feels good.

Dating can be a mystery that can not be solved simply, but with these tips you will at least look very good, even if the date is less than good.

1 Do not wear too. Do not wear a tie unless you are going to really fancy restaurant, which really should not be, because you do not even know it yet. You'll find out if it is even true for a fancy restaurant. Also, find out what she wears, so that they will complement each other. Do not bring flowers and candy on a first date, you do not want to look like you're trying hard to


2 Wear jeans if you go to trendy places and they are dark dressy jeans (no holes!). Otherwise, wear nice pants in a dark or neutral colors like tan, which are complementary to your shirt, but not the same shade. Dark gray, black, navy or tan

3.Žena still loves a man in a shirt with button down collar. There is nothing classier, but that does not suit you should wear on first day as mentioned above. The best colors are black shirt with white pin stripes, solid white or with other dark colors combination bands.

4 Do not wear anything too wild. No crazy colors, jewelry, or hairstyle. That does not impress women. Save it for recess.

5 Make sure you have well-groomed. Shave! And goodness sakes put some Kölnu.Žena loves a man who smells good. Women are very much sensitive to odors than men. Do not use too much. Also, take a woman friend to help you choose the fragrance loves. Most women do not like anything too strong. A good choice is the fallback Acqua Di Gio by Armani. It is light, fresh, masculine fragrance.

The first part of a good first date is to create a good impression. You can never make another first impression, so make sure it is good. Do you want to wow, but it did not win. As long as you do not look like they are trying too hard, you can not go wrong.


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