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Top 5 Most Known Fashion Designer in History

Giorgio Armani - Acclaimed as the most successful designers coming out of Italy, Giorgio Armani has enjoyed great success in the fashion market. His company, Armani has achieved an annual turnover of $ 1.6 billion! In 2001, Forbes, his name is the most successful Italian designer and his estimated net worth of $ 1.7 billion. He won the same award five years later, as the magazine estimated his wealth at $ 4.1 billion.Then you could see how this man was in fashion design world.Giorgio Armani is known today for a clean, tailored lines. The goods under its brand name does not change drastically every season - the same sleek and tailored style stems from line to line, getting the best current cultural news. Clothing fashion still leaves plenty of room for interpretation of the man who wears it. Style is not created by Armani style is a luxury Armani created using


Gianni Versace - One of the most talented designers of the twentieth century, unfortunately, shot to death 1997th his collaboration with American photographer Richard Avedon helped Gianni Versace become one of the world's elite designers. His 1982 collection introduced metallic garments that would become his trademark and his elaborate costumes for Elton John in the late '80s helped cemented his reputation as one of the beautiful people. Many world-famous actors, music stars and other celebrities wear Versace because of the style that makes a person at the center of attention, which always looks very big, modern, elegant, sexy and elegant.

Guccio Gucci - a character who died more than 50 years, but his Gucci is still one of the hottest in the world! Gucci, a master of beautiful skin. Gucci is known for its luxury and good design is one of the most prestigious names in designer tops. Although there are lines of clothes, glasses and all other supplements, the best of the best of the Gucci leather goods - bags and purses - which always has interesting details and a unique flavor

Calvin Klein - a master of urban and sophisticated style, is also described as "the supreme master of minimalism". One of the main ideas of the designer - less looks more. He always stays with the same vision: "I've always had a clear design philosophy and views on how a modern, sophisticated, sexy, clean and minimal." Calvin Klein is one of the most famous designer brands in the world, and all this is achieved, because his unique style focused on the practical design clothes without exaggerating jewelry and other accessories. He was the first designer who has created a unisex fragrance "CK One" and the first line of designer jeans is also under the label of Calvin Klein.

Coco Chanel - a pioneering French fashion designer whose modernist philosophy, menswear inspired fashions, and pursuit of expensive simplicity of her important figure in 20th century fashion .. Her remarkable influence on haute couture was such that the only person in this area will be appointed in time magazine 100 most influential people in 20th century! Her Chanel - Master prestige. Chanel is a brand that represents the finest quality luxury goods, which are usually very rare and is a reflection of very high class. Details and feminine accessories to take very important place in the Chanel-style design is becoming so bold, passionate, visionary and unique. All of the Chanel label has to be perfect and elegant.


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