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Top 4 Clothing Styles

There are so many different kinds of brands out there these days and it is very true when it comes to clothing brands. This is probably the number of new clothing styles that have evolved in recent godina.Pojava extreme sports and new genres of music as an art has contributed to his head collided with fashion.

Here are my top four brands of clothing styles.

Surf Wear

Surf wear is a term coined to categorize clothing for surfers. It initially began with the surfing scene in Southern California who began creating their own brands of clothing. This is the result of increased popularity of surfing and its recognition as a sport, which meant surfers could get a sponsorship deal with surfboard and wet suit manufacturers. Examples of famous brand surf wear the Volcom and Quiksilver and Billabong.

Skate Wear

Skate wear has been used to describe the clothing brands that have come from the skate scene. Skate wear has close ties with surf wear for both the style came from the same scene as skateboarders and surfers tend to be one and the same. It is not surprising that skateboards were originally designed by surfers to practice surfing on land. Two clothing styles are quite similar, but each caters to the needs of skateboarders and surfers. Recognised skate clothing brands are vans shoes, Etnies element.

Urban Wear

Urban Wear occurred due to the influence of hip-hop and rap lifestyle. In the late 70's and early 80's hip-hop and rap music started to emerge with artists such as Run DMC and the Beastie Boys breakthrough into the mainstream. These artists were known for wearing baggy clothes, gold chains and Adidas shoes with laces out. These styles developed over time and increase the popularity of hip hop, many artists started their own clothing labels. Those who have been inspired by these musical styles and started making clothing brands influenced their favorite artists. This has resulted in many urban wear brands such as Roca Wear and Phat Farm and Sean John.

Street Wear

Street Wear is a clothing style that draws influence from all previous clothing styles. Street wear is probably best described as clothing that is inspired by urban living in urban cities. Hence street wear draws influence on all aspects of life in that environment, including graffiti and street art, skateboarding, BMX, surfing, and music from rock to hip-hop. Street wear clothing designs often feature bright paintings and graffiti designs, as well as the touch of camouflage and tamo.Co Addict Clothing, Stussy and listen to Giant are the main examples of innovative streetwear brands.


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