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Paris Fashion Week - Who Says Paris Is Best In The Springtime?

have not lived until you've been in Paris in the winter - during Fashion Week, of course! It May be cold and rainy, but Paris is always beautiful, and buzzing with excitement on a handful of fashion shows, exhibitions and parties that even us mere mortals public may attend. And if you're lucky, you'll get to brush elbows with celebrities and fashion icons the world's jet-set, which was the previous fashion weeks in New York, London and Milan.

Fall / Winter Paris Pret-a-Porter Fashion Week's most important trade event for the fashion industry, when the Autumn fashions are rolled-out a review of the season for the world's largest retail customers who are scrambling to place their orders for fashion, handbags, jewelry, shoes, hats and cosmetics. Unlike other major industry trade show convention hall, Fashion Week has orchestrated some of the city Paris, the most prominent points of interest.

This year, from February to 25 4th March top designers and fashion design students staged fashion extravaganzas ranging from the peak of good taste that unreal. Among the selected places, were the Louvre, the Jardin des Tuileries, the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, the Musée de l'Homme, Les Champs-Elysee, Le Tour Montparnasse, the place du Trocadero, the Théâtre du Châtelet, and La Sorbonne.

Winter Paris Fashion Week 2007 held on 26 February to the 4th March, and found everyone who was anyone in the designer world, including long Parisian favorites Chanel, Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix and Givenchy.

Oh, the drama! Besides the expected eccentric style and surreal shows, more than a few raised eyebrows when animal rights protestor entered the catwalk naked in response to this year's apparent return to the use of fur as a luxury material.

London designer Stella McCartney (daughter of Beatle Paul McCartney), and then made ​​headlines for their "fur-free" show, show hot alternatives to fur, with models dressed in satins and taffetas, knitwear and cashmere.

Emanuel Ungaro Peter Dundas got all ready to hit the discos with his collection designed to celebrate the night clubbing. Decked out in leather and lots of bling, the models strutted and slinked down the runway.

most controversial show in the week had to be the Viktor & Rolf. Dutch design partners Viktor and Rolf Snoeren Horsting, are known for their lush, wildly imaginative-shows. This year they invented awkward contraptions that the models were in a delicate balance, which are equipped with lights and music as a kind of "personal fashion show." The designs are a bit gothic, reminds one of Van Helsing movie. Poor models were required to have a stylized wooden clogs, which clip clopped as loud as carefully paraded down the runway.

As expected, there was the Second World War and the old war started by the many fashion collections this year, which includes high boots, leather, fur, green fatigue, body armor, medallions and epaulettes. Even Jean Paul Gaultier showed models wearing Scottish tartans with stylized Mohawks, as if going into battle.

Also, during Fashion Week, exclusive Paris boutique Colette, celebrating its 10th anniversary of inviting 10 art curators to spotlight the talent gallery style at one of its walls. It was a fabulous way to show that the ultra-trendy collection of music CDs, shoes, handbags, branded water and pribora.Boutique is also known for its glamorous parties, art exhibits and dance, and definitely worth a visit when in Paris.

Speaking of accessories, Nokia has decided to reveal their phones the Nokia 7373 Special Edition fashion designer Giambattista Valli during Fashion Week, the "Make-your-Nokia-in-Giambattista Valli" party. For label-conscious, this is a must-have phone. Everyone comes pre-loaded with "behind the scenes" video for a glimpse into the life and inspiration of the designer, with a choice of graphics Valli and exclusive ring-tone "Rhodium".

Next year is sure to keep more fun and surprises. For sure, in March, Paris is the place to be!


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