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Frye Paige Boot - Unique Equestrian Fashion For Women

Frye Paige Boot for Women is one of the hottest hit "numbers" ranks these days in fashion footwear - they come off the shelves at stores like crazy

Why would specifically be so popular? They have a unique look about them, based on equestrian riding (boots) style - but not only for women who wear them while riding. Women around the world love the style and comfort provided by these ultra modern boots.

Here are some of the hottest styles are available:

  • Paige Buckles Boot - .. It is (as the name implies) three clasps, placed evenly to 15 "shaft boot extremely sharp style
  • Paige cuff boot -. Nice, high shaft (19 ") with contrasting buckle at the top, if desired may make a more versatile look for the
  • Paige Tall Riding Boot - It is interesting that many women wear it - they are designed specifically for riding, but they carry all kinds of women. Beautiful elegant style, 16 "shaft.
  • Paige Hurache Boot - Probably the most interesting look of the collection -. This footwear has nice detailing around the foot and cuff areas, but still maintaining a sleek and stylish look
Price Information: Generally speaking, women are paying between $ 325 and $ 400 retail prices - based on the style purchased and sold to traders Frye Paige Boot for Women. There are many sources online that offer them a lower price markdown, and some reputable sources they offer quite a bit less on the standard basis.


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