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Fashion Tips For Women: Finding The Perfect Everyday Bag

So how to choose the perfect everyday bag?

FASHION TIP 1: Think about what you bring EVERYDAY

you need to take with you always? Things you can not live without? Car keys, makeup, wallet, mobile phones, organizers, idea notebook, etc. Note. This will determine how big your everyday bag.

Of course, it is well to bear in mind that substantially limit at least five cases only.


is now time to get a look at your wardrobe and see what your true personal style. If you know this already, it's great. If not, I suggest you rummage through the closet and get to know yourself.

Pay attention to your personal style and know what style suits him. It is tempting to buy a "statement" everyday bag. Resist, ladies. Resist! You will be using this bag often, if not daily! People will notice that you use the same bag every day and ignore the rest of your style. You'll get bored if you buy an everyday statement bag. Like fashion, you know you should always switch it up!

FASHION TIP 3: Check the material is stain and water resistant

This bag will be with you in most of their daily lives. I suggest that you buy one that is made of materials that will resist stains, so when it does not come across a few baby wipes to succeed. We also suggest that the bag must be resistant to water, so when it rains, it protects your stuff, and it can easily be dried with a tissue.

In short, this bag should be able to be with you rain or shine

FASHION TIP 4: must have more than one paw BAG

This May be new to you ladies. However, within a clutch bag to carry your everyday handbag at all times. This is where your primary should go (the big 5 that we discussed earlier).

This is actually a great thing to sign up for your convenience. For example, in the office and have to go to a casual dinner with friends, you can simply take a clutch bag and leave the rest of the bag (hidden for sure, of course) in your office. In this way, you do not have to carry the whole thing with you while you are away dining, entertainment in the city.

This is why your everyday bag should be able to carry your handbag clutch and more. It will bring other things with you during various tasks.

FASHION TIP 5: Make sure the handle does not hurt your shoulder

common everyday handbags are the ones that we sling on our shoulder. To make sure that the handle is cushioned and do not fall every now and then as you walk. Note the material and see if you can handle the pressure it gives you the full weight of your daily supplements.


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