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Fashion Design In Film

This is not surprising that fashion plays a big role in the film, which is perhaps the most co-operation of all modern art. So far in 2010, many groundbreaking films have hit theaters, and movie-goers were transported all the different places and periods. A futuristic look of the classic Throwbacks vintage, style plays a big role in the credibility and success of these films, along with the cinematography, art direction, and a million other complex elements. Here are some of the best films of last year, and styles featured in them, which led to criticism.


Directed by Christopher Nolan's 2010 box office hit, Inception was illuminated by an expert selected bones that do throw in the whole movie. Costume designer Jeffrey Kurland, dressed all the characters in an intriguing mix of smooth retro and futuristic izgled.Ishod? Upscale, sophisticated, well-fitting business suits, and old world charm of gowns that exude timeless style, while still vague enough to make a movie from being dated.

Directed by Michael Patrick King is a 2010 edition of Sex and the City 2 is a dazzling showcase of style. Most beloved of modern American women are adorned in the hottest, most contemporary mode the whole movie long. Costume designer Patricia Fields tried to put women in clothes that will work with organic shapes of their bodies to create beautiful, glamorous look. She argues that strays from things like shoulder pads and bubble HEMS and things that have nothing to do with the natural form of the female body. In addition, she tried to dress women in original, creative appearance that appear in the film Eternal.

Let this be a lesson that the movie is a great inspirational tool for the desire of students of fashion design, style junkies and creative costumes.


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