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Ways to Wear Vintage Tee Shirts

Step One: Find the perfect T-shirt

You will not be able to wear vintage t-shirts with style if you can not find stylish vintage trojnik.Prvo rule in hunting for vintage shirts is to never buy one of those fake and pre-fabricated vintage tees that are sold at Old Navy or Forever 21st It screams contrived. Instead, check out vintage shops.

Most vintage stores either sift through shipments of clothing or use baskets of love and other second-hand stores to find best and brightest to choose from. It's like a shopping filter that weeds are bad things for you.

Of course, buying a vintage tee from a vintage shop comes at a premium, meaning that you pay extra for that service. If you want to save some dough, or simply want the experience of digging for gold, then get to the nearest charity or secondhand store.

T-shirt Accessories Let

plain vintage tee is fine for a Saturday afternoon lounging around the house, but that it can carry much further with a little accessorizing. Try pairing your favorite vintage tee with chunky necklaces, bold vintage brooch or a big bracelet. It will pierce the clothes and dress up a bit.

with a pair of Perfect Pair

Your jeans will either make or break your beloved vintage T-shirt. Avoid the temptation to pair a vintage tee with a pair of old, broken in trapericama.Izgled will scream sloppy and ragged, not cool. Instead, make your hottest pair of clean and crisp jeans and enjoy the contrast of "old meets new."

Avoid the ironic words of

funny saying on a t-shirt may be funny for five seconds, but as the old Ashton Kutscher joke, it gets old pretty quickly. So, stay away from shirts that are too ironic, full of cutesy or funny sayings. Remember, you want a shirt that says "vintage bohemian cool" not "class clown."

Vintage t-shirts are all about how you wear them and where to find them. Remember to always buy authentic and do not forget to accessorize with the perfect pair of jeans.


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