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History of Blue Jeans in America

Jacob Davis invented riveted pockets of blue jeans pocket stress points for the buyer of his hlače.Kupac would constantly bother Davis through holes that have developed in their pockets. It was Jacob who gave inspiration to the riveted pockets. He had $ 68 at the time to make the patent, however, Strauss wrote that he submit a bid along with him in exchange for paying a fee Strauss archiving.


During the Second World War, blue jeans gained popularity abroad that are garnished for many years before in America. Foreigners admired pants worn by American vojnici.Krajnji result is that they were no longer exclusively American. Europeans and other foreigners are now able to enjoy the benefits of rugged denim. Shortly after the Second World War with jeans now internationally recognized as a durable, comfortable pants, sales soared.

Jeans are a symbol of the rebels during much of the mid-20th century, until 1980. Rebel figures like James Dean wore jeans in the movies almost exclusively, while the older generation is not conservative. Blue jeans continued its tradition as a symbol of revolution in the 60's and 70's as they were pants of choice among the hippies. Jeans will become the mainstream again in 1980.

In the 1980s, when designers began creating and labeling their jeans. It was during this period that the jeans were a symbol of high fashion. Sales of jeans skyrocketed during this decade. They are more accepted now than it ever was. Blue jeans lost popularity in the ten years after the 80 children scoffed at wearing clothes their parents wore. While still wearing blue jeans among children, they had to be different from the traditional blue denim straight their parents grew up in. As a result, many manufacturers of jeans and had to retool their designs to keep up with the times or face possible bankruptcy.

Blue Jeans are still worn today and still cloak the status of the holder. Their ruggedness and durability of appeal and the poor and the rich and the like. Currently jeans make a comeback and traditional fashion jeans manufacturers are fragmented as a result of the last two decades, filling different niches. Regardless of the path of blue jeans can take, their origins are rooted in American soil.


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