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Trends in the World of Men's Jeans

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One of the biggest trends for men at this point is classic straight leg jean. Of course, skinny jeans can still live in your closet and come out to play as often as you want, but it has a great fitting pair of straight leg is essential. For those days when you do not feel the bohemian and do not want to feel special in trendy styles from boot cut, straight leg is the perfect choice. Not only are classic, but if done right, can look like absolute perfection of style.

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If you are looking for a dressier pair, opt for a boot cut. This thinner thighs and knees with a slight flare at the calf are great for creating slim and proportional siluetu.Tamno wash boot cut will be occasions where the "nice" clothes are preferred, but still lend casually pulled-together vibe. For just hanging out, try the style in a light wash or deconstructed, worn in look.

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and a slim cut skinny jeans for fashion lovers, still is and will continue to be for a while longer. If you've never felt comfortable in the ultra-skinny styles, try a slim cut that gives legs a little breathing room, while still extending and thinning of the lower half of the body. These are a great choice for a casual day anywhere, but may still be wearing shoes with sharp and well-fitted blazer. As usual, stick to dark wash for those special occasions where jeans are allowed.

When it comes to men's fashion, style options are less than women, but with several different styles of jeans in hand, switching to a style is super easy. To be on trend this year, be on the lookout for a straight leg styles. If you do not already have a pair, now is the time to invest.


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