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Designer Fashion Hot Trends - J Brand Skinnies

hottest trend in casual fashion designer from 2011 must be J Brand skinny brights - they are flying off the shelves so fast all over the world and it is a lack of waiting lists in some stores. We are not talking the latest IT bag here, but very comfortable and flattering jeans. The difference is that this year for the production of J Brand skinnies to her stunning rainbow of gorgeous colors.


the first U.S. premium brand Jean accept skinny legs, J Brand makes huge waves this year with its innovative colored skinnies. The whole fashion world is going crazy for them, since it is difficult to obtain a pair of these days! Beautiful rainbow of colors available are fuchsia, light blue, light purple orange, bright, bright Royal, bright turquoise, bright yellow and pretty pink.

Jeff Rudes says he was inspired to create this colorful array of the Jil Sander collection fashion show and sees its mission in the interpretation of fashion through Jean. He was certainly a hit on the latest trend once again, after the great success of his J Brand Houilihan rousers cargo last year.

The great thing about these special skinnies that are cut so well that they work well with curvier figures, and put a thin modele.Va┼żno is to mix and jeans in your closet pairing them with the right clothing and accessories make curvy figures, look fab in skinnies too, as long as you are bold enough.

If a local designer jeans store was sold out, check out some of the online designer fashion stores where pre-orders can be taken and sent to you as soon as the stock again. May you end up getting them that way faster than waiting for your local store to get their supplies.


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