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Punk Princess Fashion Style - Clothes That Mix Skulls, Skeletons and Soft Fabrics

Why would not a little edge to your wardrobe by incorporating a little punk in your wardrobe? This is a big trend of celebrities worldwide. It is very easy to do ... just follow the following guidelines:

1 Include neon colors with black background.

2 Add tights in every color and style, the edgier the better. I do not like Taylor Momsen to do, play the punk princess of Gossip Girl.

3 Skinny jeans are the way to go. Forget the flared jeans and trousers as we move away from the hippy style.

4 Graphic T-shirts with messages to help create a strong punk attitude look.

5 Accessories with a strong personality make the difference between a regular suit and a punk princess. Add some toughness to your look with items such as gloves with skull print, scarves, converse shoes and rubber and leather bracelets.

6 It is fun to wear the usual girlie thing that has gotten in the treatment of the punk princess. Cardigans and skits veil, lace socks are good examples.

7 Use accessories or clothes with a British flag. England is still the best view of the punk movement.

8 Wear a sweet and sour are using strong eyeliner and lip color soft.

9 Do not forget the hair, it will mark the whole look. You do not want it to be too well done. Wear a hair crack or if you dare, get a mohawk!

And remember, as a punk princess is all about attitude, and no amount of make-up, gel, skin, or the skull will look trendy punk, if you do not have the attitude that goes with it. Be sure and remember, this view is all about individuality.


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