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Is 2012 Doomsday For Real?

It turns out that the idea of ​​Doomsday (1) or about 2012 is not far fetched at all. Although this will not happen quite like the movie, but the old fashion way -. Rat

movie "2012" comes to theaters 13th November 2009. Based on the Movie Trailer (2), it looks like the Earth will be destroyed in 2012 by meteorites, earthquakes, giant waves and more toga.Pitanje is - can this really happen


no particular reason that the country should experience a series of supernatural events in 2012. Yes, the Mayan calendar ending 21st December 2012, but there is absolutely no evidence that the date means nothing in real life.

Unfortunately, in real life will be even scarier than the movie. Imagine going to bed one night and waking up in America destroyed. That's assuming you even wake up. This is the kind of scenario that is becoming more and more is possible, and perhaps really happen around 2012.

the world has not seen the great world war for more than 60 godina.Ideja that this kind of war could happen even beyond the imagination of most people. However, a major nuclear war (3) is more likely now than it ever was.

To understand why a major nuclear war probably has to look at it that before the war began (4). For example, what were the conditions (5), which caused a world war to start, and are present today?

the first condition for the First World War, is declining superpower. Britain was already in decline in 1914 and was simply not up to the task of facing Germany.

Today, the United States is in decline (6). We have a trillion dollar deficits as far the eye can vidjeti.Narod is divided politically. Soon, our standard of living must begin to decline.

impact of this decline can not be underestimated. This is huge.

The idea is that a certain world order that has existed for many years in a state of flux. This period can be very dangerous.

The second condition is a powerful opponents. It's Germany in 1914, and today's Russia (7) and China.

China is preoccupied with profits earned from the U.S. and build more nuclear tipped missiles to point at us. Russia has been busy upgrading its missiles and nuclear warheads.

In addition, for some reason, and Russia (8) and China (9) is investing a lot of resources building underground nuclear bunkers that could protect millions of people.

The third requirement is weakened alliance. NATO currently has no clear svrhu.Europljani not like in the United States, and probably will not come to our defense in a nuclear war.

alliance with South Korea is very weak, as people become more and more anti-American.

Even an alliance with Japan is set to change with the recent election of a new political party in power.

The fourth condition is the existence of terrorist supporting states. It was Yugoslavia in 1914, and today it is Iran, Syria, Lebanon and other Islamic countries.

The fifth condition is the existence of terrorist organizations. They existed in Yugoslavia in 1914, and today there are Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and more.

The first three conditions set the stage for war, but can not necessarily start rat.Zadnja two provide a catalyst to actually start a war.

There are other conditions that can be used to determine whether the war was near. For example, there are three Es war (10): an empire in decline, economic volatility and ethnic conflicts. These are all present today.

United States in decline. Russia and China are experiencing the economic volatility of the global financial crisis. Ethnic conflict is a major source of problems in the Middle East.

Another way to understand war is look at how major wars tend to follow cycles (cycles of war) (11) on the basis of life. As the crisis generation gets older and begins to die, the younger generation (12), which is not directly experienced a major crisis involving the war begin to become sensitive to great new war.

circles indicate the great war crisis that occurred between 2005 and 2025.

You can look at our sensitivity increases Obama is cutting the number of nuclear weapons to 1500 and perhaps even 1000.Glavni attack by Russia and China means that we can render a then we have nothing left. In the meantime, millions of Russians and Chinese, we can wait in their nuclear bunkers.

Can you wait for us if we knew we could avenge four or five times over several years?

To start a nuclear war (13)?

We recently found out that Iran has enough uranium to build a nuclear bomb. It does not actually have a bomb, but it could build one if you wanted. In addition, building enough centrifuges for over five years to create about 25 bombs a year.

We have now crossed the threshold in which Israel has to act. In a few years Iran will be in a position to have a 20 or 30 nuclear bombs. It is unacceptable to Israel, and the very real threat to its existence.

In the next year or two, Israel must attack Iran and destroy or cripple their ability to produce nuclear weapons.

What do you think will happen after Israel attack Iran?

Iran will launch a coordinated attack Israel using Syria, Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Hamas. They will seek to destroy Israel once and for all.

and Syria (14) and Hezbollah (15) have chemical weapons that could be launched at Israeli towns.

What do you think would go through the mind of the Jews when they were chemical weapons explosion in Israeli cities?

can be only one answer: nuclear. Who would dare to use chemical weapons against Israel will be wiped out with nuclear weapons.

After Israel began to use nuclear weapons, then you must destroy all of its hostile neighbors. This means that about 10 to 15 million deaths will occur in a short period of time.

Of course the rest of the world will be quite upset at Israel, and America will be blamed too.

Is this a good reason to start a nuclear war against America? It turns out that the answer is yes, but not immediately. It will take several years to properly prepare for nuclear war against America.

normal scenario where a small conflict escalates into a large nuclear war would not happen. In this case, a small nuclear war is unlikely to escalate, but you will die van.Eskalacija will happen a few years later, when the whole world is not expecting anything to happen. It will be out of the blue for no apparent reason.

Back in 2008, Russian general (16) has announced that Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons preventively to protect themselves and their allies. Okay, but which countries are allies of Russia?

is an ally of Syria (17) from Russia.

that Russia is already telling us that if Syria was destroyed by Israel and then Russia can launch a nuclear strike during this event.

Russia not have much to lose by going to war with America? The article, in the absence Beware rogues (18), describes how economically underdeveloped countries can go to rat.Više State must lose, the less likely that the risk of loss. However, Russia seeks more and more like a sad state of economic decline due to high oil prices.

Russia has another big problem is that its army is in decline. It simply can not upgrade its military equipment faster than it is humiliating. So, there will be a significant reduction of Russian nuclear missiles in the next 15 years. Analysts expect the Russian nuclear missiles at the end stabilize at around 300 in the next 15 years.

By 2030, America will likely have the technology to pull the majority of Russian missiles during the boost phase. This will be a disaster for Russia.

So, Russia has a window in the next ten years, where he can destroy America. After this period, Russia will have to start living under the thumb of the United States a long time.

As China?

can already read about the thousands of protests each year of the unfortunate građana.Zagađenje environment is so bad that it is devastating to people. Country's one-child policy is a demographic catastrophe. Country's leadership was mainly responding to complaints from people. There are significant problems with water covering large parts of the country. There is abduction of women, because people are getting desperate for a woman, and it will get worse. There are girls abandoned because their parents wanted boys instead.

Even though things do not look too bad in China now, they can easily change due to these internal problems.

If you want to see what looks like a nuclear war, then check out this YouTube movie clip from the movie "The Day After." (19)

In conclusion, nuclear war in the Middle East will act as a sign that the United States could be subject to nuclear retaliation from Russia and China. The actual payback will probably last two to three years to happen in order to give Russia and Chine time to prepare.

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