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Fashion Weeks

fashion weeks are events held by designers or fashion houses to display their latest designs and creations of the world's media and fashion buyers. Catwalk shows are the backbone of these days that are held around the world and which attract mass attention globally. The main fashion weeks held in the style of the capital, London, Milan, Paris and New York, but there are many others that take place in lesser known areas of the fashion world, and are designed to attract people's attention to less prominent designers. These include Australian Fashion Week, Japan Fashion Week, South Africa Fashion Week, and Los Angeles. In the fashion capitals, fashion weeks are held twice a year, displaying the "autumn's trends and their 'Spring' collection. It held a long time before the actual season to allow enough coverage and design review before the actual season. It is done to customers and Chace to buy designer creations, and retail stores can use elements of design styles in their mass produced clothes for high street market.
Fashion weeks are attended by buyers for major stores, media, celebrities and members of the entertainment industry. In recent years, fashion weeks are generally used as commerical events, and the only people in the industry attended them. Today, however they are lavish exclusive events, attended by many celebrities and cause anger medijski.Tjedan the 7-day extravaganza which often includes live music, lavish Galas and charitable events. Some shows are also open to selected members of the public, as well as some of the events that display the latest designer handbags, jewelry, shoes, hats and cosmetics. Many are now an important feature of contemporary fashion weeks as well.
Fashion Weeks have been around since 1943, when it was first held in New York to divert attention away from French fashion during Worl War II, when fashion industry from the inside could not see French fashion shows. Fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert organized "Press Week" for fashion journalists to present creations of American designers, who were not usually pay any attention to fashion media. Customers were invited to these shows, but instead had to visit designer showrooms. Press Week was an unprecedented success, as well as Vogue, which are usually filled with French designs, beagn all to focus on the American way.
Some beauty products sponsor fashion weeks, such as L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival and L'Oréal Fashion Week was held in Toronto, because of the inherent relationship between fashion and beauty. Other fashion weeks are held for one precise type, such as swimwear and lingerie, or bridal couture. Fashion weeks are viewed as a way of designers making their collections visible and broadcast throughout the world in a very short time. This shortens the time in which they will be for people to start recognizing, and after buying designer trends, which at the end of the designer is the ultimate goal.


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