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The Story Of Blue Jeans - Part 1

Why do we love our blue jeans so much? It's not so hard to understand. Jeans are comfortable, they last a long time, they are not terribly expensive, and they are stylish. You can wear them for casual get togethers or dress work for lounging around watching television or working in the office or in the garden. You can even wear them for your next guest appearance on the show Jay Leno. As the expression goes, you can live in jeans.

Who created the Blue Jeans?

there is no single "inventor" of jeans. Believe it or not, they have developed over a long period of more than 400 years. They began as a versatile and rugged pants worn by sailors and turned into an everyday uniform now worn by millions of people around the world.

jeans made ​​of denim, which is permanently woven cotton fabric that appeals to most people. There are many reasons: Denim has a long shelf life, it's comfortable, it comes in different shades, it is versatile and not terribly expensive. Jeans can be worn for hard physical work, to dinner, or any type of activity in between.

This distinctive fabric was popularized in Europe. But, like thick cotton fabrics are made in India since before the 1600th It's older material was called dunagree - the origin of the term "dunagarees" - which is usually dyed in indigo blue and sold in the district near Fort Dongarii on the edge of the Indian city of Mumbai. Bombay is a major port on the important spice route between Europe and China. Portuguese sailors on trading vessels were the first regular users of dungaree clothing, and they introduce him to other points along the route of trading.

Not too many years later, the fabric was manufactured in Europe, more or less like a thick cotton material we know today as "jeans". In France in 1600 denim was woven in the vicinity of the city known as Nimes, where the cloth was called Serge. It became known as "Serge de Nimes," which was eventually shortened to "de Nimes" and anglicized to "denim ".

These distinctive denim pants becamed known as "jeans" because of their connection to the port of Genoa in Italy. In the 17th and 18 century Genoa was a major naval base and its navy is equipped with a blue denim uniforms. They became known as "jeans" because the French word for Genoa is "Genes" and the pants became identified with the Genoese war mornarice.IzdrÅūljiv denim clothes were ideal for sailors who essentially live in their clothes 24 hours a day. jeans are ideal for any environment and can be cleaned by dragging them behind the boat in a fishing net.

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