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Plus Size Jeans - How to Find the Perfect Pair

Every wardrobe should include a good pair of jeans. Cabinets for full-figured size 14 people or more are no exception. Here's how to find jeans that you can wear with pride and comfort.

The first thing you have to break it to you that these new jeans will be to buy will probably cost more than $ 25. Although it is possible to just bop in Target or Old Navy and found a couple that really work for you, most people are not so lucky. But there are some major stores that can strike a balance between looks and price. Try Levi is a way for mid-range price of jeans. If you want to go upscale, check out Svoboda jeans at Nordstrom or Lord & Taylor stores. Tummy Tuck Jeans, also received a lot of rave reviews.

If possible, always want to buy bricks and mortar for jeans, because fit is so critical, but if it is not an option you can still buy one or two online, try them, and then send them back if they do not work.

Some styles work for full-figured women, and some are a disaster. Avoid low-hung look at all costs, for example, but look for a boot-cut jeans as often as possible. High waisted jeans are good for people with pear-shaped body. But if you do not want to make your butt look any bigger, skip pocket jeans with embroidery on cover or rear pockets - one for people who want more volume has


As for the colors and washes, the darker is much better. Lighter wash do not compliment plus sized. Think of a darker wash and getting as close to the black king slimming color.

for the fit, go with either jeans fit properly, even if it means having to go up to the size of what you normally wear. As I'm sure you know, one size for a designer is not the same size for other designers. Even the two pairs of the same size jeans can actually fit a little different, so if you find a cut and size that you really wanted to try two or three pairs of jeans. May you find that one particular pair just doing a little better than all others (this is due to subtle differences in how the fabric and seams are working together, and the content is a great tip most people do not know).

Avoid wide jeans and jeans that are too tight. Neither looks good on almost anyone, whether slim or plus size, or in between. You can also choose between the "missing" and "junior" cuts of jeans from mainstream retailers. Generally, the "missing" is a better place to start because it gives more room in the hips. If you can find jeans in stretch material, which will help a lot with their comfort with their appearance. This can save you from having to keep the dreaded pair of "fat pants" that we all carry in the week after Thanksgiving.


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