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Mad Men: Nothing natural about perfect curves

appearance accepted on "" is actuality acclaimed in the look apple as a auspicious trend afterwards a beachcomber of pin-thin aerodrome looks.

However absolute curves don't absolutely seem .

Assume "underpinnings," says the show's apparel , Janie Bryant.

She has on duke lengthy-line bras, girdles, stockings and block -- and says it really is not aberrant for addition to be cutting them all at when. That is how it was in the aboriginal 1960s, and there are some acquaint to be learned, alike for the top avant-garde woman, she says.

"Your underpinnings affect how clothes fit and how they appear," Bryant explains. "The fit of your bra or your shapewear beneath your brim can accentuate your waist or your apprehension or, in trousers, shapewear leggings can accomplish you attending smoother or slimmer."

Who wouldn't demand that?

Bryant chronicles her admonition -- which she's been talking up aback she formed on the HBO appearance "Deadwood" -- in her new book "The Look File: Advice, Tips and Inspiration from the Apparel Artist of " (Grand Central Life & Style, $17.81).


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