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Autumn/Winter 2011/12 Womenswear Collections at London Fashion Week

frumpy to Funky London based personal stylist, Karen Grace, comments on the London Fashion Week for Fall / Winter 2011th

a day

The first day of London Fashion Week and an early start to see the first show in a tent in Somerset House.

Paul Costelloe

Costelloe really have a great family! Last season we saw his six sons taking to the runway, this time it was his daughter, Jessica order. She opened the show in a short period of Burgundy tweed coat with large collar and enclosed in metallic burgundy cute baby doll dress.

The rest of the models wore rustic red frizzy wig with blunt cut to complement bright bold color palette collection.

inspiration for her collection was "local Mode" using fabric tweeds, plaids and herringbones. These traditional fabrics got a face lift with a mini skater skirts, short jackets and tailored swing coats, plus bold Splashes of peacock blue, emerald, mustard, burnt orange and fuchsia. Not to be outshone, necklaces and buttons are large making a statement.

Metallic, plain and patterned, gave the retro glamor structured garments, rather than sci-fi connected s.

Next Show is the place plush Savoy Hotel.


While Costelloe AW11 girlfriend is bright and lively, Grachvogel AW11 is a woman languidly graciozan.Raskošan setup Lancaster Ballroom with its crystal chandeliers add elegance.

palette is muted shades of ebony, bone, white and blush with a shot of orange flame show that the heat under Grachvogel woman is cool exterior. Inspiration comes from the tribal to the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. This is shown in an exclusive artwork prints as vicious in the fairy forest print, but instead of natural brown and green color indicates fairy tales "the dark side of the steel gray mixed with buttermilk, winter white and off the jewel tones of amethyst and Sapphire. Several catsuits and dresses wearing a modern twist with a racer back style is softened by the fluidity of the fabric.

Statement pieces included bone wool flannel full length 'car' coat with large collar Shearling, and "Aesop" skirt with asymmetrical hemline moving more in back, in black lace, bone, wool flannel and wool tribal shamans print.

looks like a liquid and a clean cut with fabrics bring rich texture, like silk, Georgette, lace and cashmere tweed.

and no time for Muse in the collection, still mad rush to get to my next destination, this time on / off location in Covent Garden.

yen. Theo

From floaty pastel shades of their Indian inspired SS11 collection, the designer duo Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis go dark and grungy in the AW11 collection looks to Norse mythology for inspiration. Entitled 'valkyra' after those heavenly women who decide who will die in the field of battle, the models wore his long hair tousled with just the front strands tied back to reveal a black war wore a mask around the eyes. Touches the skin appear as woven braids and patches on some of the clothing gives the appearance of these warrior women were busy making their own clothes in a traditional Viking way. It's no longer the high-heeled shoes covered curled edges brown skin spots. However, these warriors are the luxurious fabrics on hand with cashmere sweats, jerseys and silk modal sand washed silk satins with touches of soft baby alpaca wool hand-knits. It's all about layers and loosely woven knits enormous, with the main color palettes are the sad tones of black and charcoal gray, light neutral shades with natural ecru. Jeans appears from last season, but this time in the range from pale wash treated to look into the darker blacks and grays, with a light pole jersey ruched leggings denim print layout.

key pieces are brown and black silk gown made of short films with long billowing trails and leather patchwork tight sleeves and oversized introduced black coat with padded shoulders, but over-fitting snugly around the knee

The next mad dash was a bricklayer in the hall for the first Opel Fashion Scout show:


titled "The artist amazement," designer Jeff Garner is inspired by modern French Court of Louis XV, where he ruled frivolity and ego are high, but it revolves around claims to appreciate the wonder of artists. Prophetik is ethically range so that the fabrics are eco-friendly, such as hemp and organic mats. He introduced two new fabrics this season: from agave cactus silk, and his great grandmother's 100 year old southern quilts! Quilts are patchwork of colors, but the main color palette of the collection is a neutral, white, black and splash of rich color (well it was inspired by Louis XV ) in Emerald, plum, violet, deep purple and burgundy.

One of his works was of course the finale dress called "Mrs. Moulton" sewn by white ostrich feathers on a white silk and silk organza. Why it's called I do not know, maybe because ostrich naturally moults its feathers twice a year? Or it could be Jeff old next door neighbor.

Whatever the reason, plumage is otherwise simple dress a touch of grace and playful frothiness.

Another key component is called 'Lola' named after his great grandmother. Here Lola old quilt got a new lease of life as a corset panel and trimmed hood. Partnered with wool jodhpurs (thoughtfully lined with linen), which are decorated with gold reclaimed pipes and antique gold buttons.

people are striking in a military-style jackets, jodhpurs and short velvet slacks, although it probably does not seem you can download the daily životu.Popluni come into their own here as comfortable pink and blue coat with big collar folded, it was not the case because wherever I lay my hat is my home, where I was lying coat is my bed, now that's recycling at its best.

In order be placed on one of Grandma Garner is a cozy quilts, not as Somerset House invited me to the next show:

Corrie Nielsen

titled "Winter Melodie", this collection is inspired is made from two different periods of time - Elizabethan period 1940-50 and the French Haute Couture.Paleta color is a deep rich colors of amethyst, burgundy, bronze green, purple, navy with pale gold.

as Blanket wraps were layered over pants or skirts and asymmetrical draped over wool day dresses and blouses, giving a Celtic feel. Knee length pencil skirts and dresses are more inspired by haute couture with its clean lines, skimming over the female form. Then the real drama came in the guise of Sir Walter Raleigh style puff ball tip silk metallic green, pale gold silk dress with a hooped skirt and semi-rigid straight jacket with a final dress looks regal with its huge inflated ruff collar and long train.


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