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A Look at The History of Mens Fashion

Your roots are your heritage, and everyone has a legacy. One thing that is incredibly interesting to do is to trace back the history of his family still can. Then find out more about the clothing worn by men in your family over the past days, and incorporate some of the historical fashion sense in the modern wardrobe. You can carry small pieces of traditional style worn from the land of your heritage you again.

There are many choices of, say, two or three hundred years ago that could be a hat, shirt, jacket, or some type of jewelry and accessories. It makes a wonderful conversation piece at a party. There are many different ethnic groups, but only five major continents, Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. If you can keep your family history back to any of these places, especially the local people who live there you will find some interesting clothes from the past. It is also interesting to note that many of the ancient traditional costumes are made ​​in a contemporary fashion and are still influential.

Taking continents in alphabetical order, let's first look at Afriku.Primjer a Malian textile fabric called Bògòlanfini. It is very distinctive. It is orange with a pattern that is white and dark brown. Traditionally, people from the tribe and the women wove the material dyed fabrics with different uzorcima.Materijal has already made ​​its way into modern fashion so that they are able to find a shirt from him.

Of course you can find a fabric material and a shirt from him. In North America, many of the traditional domestic spending has made ​​its way into modern, such as Indian fashion jewelry turquoise, mukluks (thick boots), moccasins, beaded jackets, beaded shirts. In South America, the poncho is a garment that is made in modern fashion. Men and women alike, wear modern updated version of the poncho. In Asia, one of the traditional men's wear is a happi coat, which is like a thin cotton jacket and vest can also be in China believe the color red can bring prosperity. In Japan, there is the traditional gift giving happi coat for a man to celebrate his birthday, and the colors vary depending on the age of man.

In Europe, there are even traditional styles as there are countries. One of our favorites is a Bavarian-style hat. Another ancient trend that is very strong and still going is a quilt of fabric that was created to identify the clans in Scotland, but is not used everywhere in the world. From Oceania we get tattoos that Maori tradition in New Zealand, plus all the interesting forms of Polynesian dress.

It is not possible to do justice to such a broad topic in such a short article, but hopefully that is encouraged to delve a bit into your family history, to find your heritage, and proudly wear a piece of something he presents.


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