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Quote du Jour

"For me, models are just pieces of wood that I carve to make clothes look beautiful." - Roberto Cavalli to Observer Food Monthly Magazine.

He then went on to insult Kate Moss, saying that she hasn't what it takes to be a "true star". He also decided to add that Naomi is much the same.

Item One: Have you a deathwish, Mister Cavalli? If you're not knocked cold by a careening Blackberry within the next week or so, some crazed gays are sure to come a'knockin'. Mark my words.

Item Two: As if he supports any incarnation of "food". Psh.

Item Three: "Carving"...? Totes sketch. Back away.

Item Four: It'd take quite a bit of "carving", in any event, to make those leopard-lined floral coats look "beautiful". Romanticism looks drab on you, dear. Stick to the back alleys of Sicily, thanks.

Item Five: Bitch just mad 'cause everyone secretly thinks leopard's skanky. I know you do. Really, I do.

Oh, did I mention I'm a Photoshop Whore?


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