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Rei Kawabuko of Tao/Comme de Garcons is designing a line for H&M. Yes, officially. Slag on the harlequinn facepaint and start crafting your ironic homemade accessories!

Except not. Perhaps.

Sure, Cavalli's done it. Stella McCartney. Madonna. Even the delectably strident/infamous/"omigod they're so RANNNDOMM!" indiehipsterFrench electro duo, Justice, has gotten in on the fun (don't you just LOVE those leather jackets?). But Rei? Has she the restraint? After all:

Oh, and:

Not to mention:

But believe it or not, a preview from W magazine hints at some...censorship.

Pity. For shame! I don't know about ya'll, but I like me some neon tulle with my modestly priced gray trenchcoats and uncharacteristically loud briefs. C'mon Rei. A little irreverence! Some pizzaz! We want bubble wrap tees and kissy-lip cutouts, dammit!

On the other hand, that jacket at right...

It shall be mine.

I'm not much of a business man, now am I?


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