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Why hate Keira Knightley front row.


She missed two years of fashion shows why actress Keira Knightley is Karl Lagerfeld AWE she described.

By Olivia Belgium | 8/1/2012

Keira KnightleyKeira Knightley photos: Ellen von /Harper's Bazaar United Kingdom

Is 1 month 8/1 till the merry-go-round kicks off fashion week. But we are no one faces Keira seem to see smiles from the front row much buzz.

Photo: Keira's greatest fashion hits

Chanel apparently hate camera actress has revealed the face of Coco Mademoiselle is: "I would sneak back completely! Sitting in the back seat. This is ridiculous, and sounds really liked my photo isn't, is I have tended to avoid something. " She explains.

Knightley magazines. Photos: Ellen von ?????/Harper Bazaar United Kingdom

Since recently announced engagement to Klaxons musician James by 26 people, was not seen in the Chanel 2010 shows, she does not mean not thanks to the magic.

"Look at the collections they were announced, and love. When you see it is it art. Has a couple [of display], they were absolutely special "she shows the new issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Photo: in and a couple of stylish celebrities.

"Description great and creative director Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel she is" he "loyal readers to add", "praised the fact:" and because he speaks about five different languages he is to intimidate and English France, someone's phone ringing and Germany to someone else, he speaks in the Italy language.

In the Harper's Bazaar sales 8/2 Thursday September issue complete interview. Also available as a Digital Edition.


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