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Mad Men and Women's Fashions - Are You a Betty, Joan, Don Or Roger?

"Mad Men" has once again escaped the season hit. With its witty banter, a beautiful and talented film industry scenario, how could it miss? The play is obviously a winner, but who knew what mayhem to bring fashion show! Betty, Joan, Don and Roger are the show's standout fashionistas. May you do not like how they live their lives, but man, do their outfits rock!

Betty and Joan

Betty and Joan are obvious fashion dichotomy. Betty, with her Grace Kelly looks and behavior of a simple housewife always steals the show. Always perfectly coifed hair with never out of place, embodies an upscale 1960 Betty is a homemaker. Remember the look of your ride? Incredible figure, without respect hostess would not dare to eat a bit more, impeccable clothes topped with a matching shawl and bright pear earrings. It is always exceptional, but do not over do.

Joan is not glitzy or flamboyant, but aware of how it can best take a fly, your best asset. Forward in his speech and fashions, Joan deliberately emphasizes its beauty. Joan is often seen in shades of green, which of course compliments her beautiful, red hair. All her clothes perfectly tailored and made to hug every curve. He wears a soft, feminine and inviting fabrics. She makes no apologies for her femininity and remains true to itself.

Don and Roger

Don Draper, star of TV show, a wonderful man from almost every perspective. Unmistakably handsome, he is still head-turner in his sharp, but it just suits and skinny ties. Not only is his appearance fresh, but so is his business style. He was never a moment too much chit-chat or talk shop, but brilliant in its own right as an ad man.

Roger Sterling, the elderly, the quintessential '60 'white collar business owner, is comfortable in his more formal, three-piece suit odijela.Tri piece has a flair for showmanship and performance. What other way to present yourself as a business man who creates images?

Peggy, Rachel, Midge and Joy

As each character develops, their garbs fit who they are becoming more and more. Peggy Olsen, the show was awkward, a woman trying to make a name for himself in the ad world, has changed her fashion style as the show progresses. Starting from the Sterling Cooper, Don Draper, and as secretary, Peggy has lived in the boxy shape of a thick cotton dresses and skirts. She was clearly embarrassed themselves or are not sure who she is. It is now inhabited by girls, non-offensive smocks. She is often seen with a Peter Pan collar and bow detail. Sporting stylish, short bob, Peggy began to come into her own.

Don invariable introduces new show women that come and go. Department store owner, Rachel Menkes, was apparent understanding of how to pair a modern, side-swept hair sensual low cut vrhova.Hippie movement in the 60's was not evident in the exhibition because the setting is upscale New York. However, Midge, one of Don's wife, is favored by bohemian and billowy skirts and loose, un-styled kosu.West Coast, breezy 60-sensibility had a brief cameo, when you do meet it with joy. In California, Joy and her friends wear light-colored sheath dress and styled, but not complicated hairstyles.


There is no lack of style and intrigue in "Mad Men" line. Tailored suits and elegant women are in short supply. However, as with all great shows, it is the inner mystique and intrigue of the characters and the story that ultimately runs the show on grades and rewards, it deserves. And if you happen to spot a sweater as a "must have" all the better.


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