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'Down With Love' Movie Fashion Style

Whenever I need inspiration for the colors in fashion, I always back my beloved film "Down With Love." This Velcro delicious and funny movie, starring Rennee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor, was itself acquired some vintage film. This is a spoof the Doris Day and Rock Hudson comedy 60-ies.

bubbly blonde, dark, handsome guy, with a 'girl trying to work hard to get somewhere' kind of story. It certainly seems very deserving "chick flick, we have the perfect rainy Sunday afternoon. However, the main attraction for me are the costumes. Make no mistake, this is certainly forward thinking in terms of all things vintage. I think the folly of 'Mad Men' really this movie started.

costumes designed by Daniel Orlandi. I am extremely impressed with the fact that he had a real vintage clothes at all. All costumes are complete re-design, equipped and transformed into a colorful feast of funny movie. The whole movie is a nonstop extravaganza of fashion display, overloaded with rainbow colors, beautiful fabrics and appropriate outfits. I love the ensemble of pink and white jacket over a super-integrated wool dress, matching color jacket and topped with a pair of white gloves for the style.

Daniel Orlandi have read all the magazines from 62-67 years to draw his inspiration for the film. "We like to use vintage clothing Renee, or any other director, because we did not want to look miserable," says Orlando, who instead uses vintage fabrics for many of his designs. "We wanted clothes that look fun and weird, not crazy."

It definitely does not look you thrift shop, in fact, cut and fit for both actors are simply amazing. Apparently, he was deliberately designed dresses with lots of vibrant colors, although they were not the traditional color for blondes. I think the bright colors agree with Renee very well, reflecting on her character and comedy Ĩestice.Pobune colors, lavender, lime, fuchsia, snow white, magenta and blue LEDs are certainly a feast for the eyes.

Do not be afraid to copy mode, this movie though. All professional match clothes, make sure all of us who wear a shirt and jeans at the GAP t disgrace. It is always a highlight with a brightly colored scarf, fitted dress with a neat tucking detail or snazzy pair of pumps. We should never be afraid of color, after all, can still wear a classic black coat. Get out there and wear those colors and treat your friends to the colorful feast.


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