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Amber GreasleyHas it been determined Belluccio gown flowing world Australia amber Greasley misses "boring" and "un-Australian". Images: Tess Follett source: Herald Sun

Amber GreasleyAmber Greasley love her dress. Images: Tess Follett source: Herald Sun

We are hated heel ugg boots, winced at Mardi Gras-inspired frock shock this year.

However we received last night from thumbs down prestigious fashion experts also play a safe in the costume of Miss world.

Costumes of the country in the Miss Universe Australia were judged "boring" and "un-Australian" simply Belluccio gown mistakes on the World Australia amber Greasley flows in recent years have been categorized in the sticky.

What do you think dresses and vote in our poll and tell us in the comments below.

Announced the costume at the Cullen hotel last night of Greasley, off 61 of her official Miss World beauty contest tomorrow headed to London before the terrace restaurant.

18-Year-old said, she loved the costumes, and designed to reflect the industry and our land.

Greasley and "coastline of us representing the cream color me their land, pearl jewelry industry Orange Blue underlay" told the Herald Sun.

Melissa Foyer fashion critics are missing the gown, mark.

"Nothing remote in the dress Australia," Hoyer said.

"Wear something, a slim young Logies or gram gal Rio Mardi Gras night to throw the gown looks.

"Assuming and representing the down under the yolk of the egg free-range chicken or sensational Aussie sunset yellow skirt? ?

Common project runway Rd. Australia runner-up and Craig Braybrook Melbourne bridal wear designer, costume felt.

"Boring," he said.

"It is too safe. Costume than evening dresses like it looks. ?


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