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Trends and Fashion in Men's Shirts

world of men's shirts is the ever-changing one. New styles and fashions come and go. Some types of design innovations stay longer than others. Historically, the development of the shirts was a little sobering to 1980. But over the last thirty years or so, the design of the shirts through more changes than ever prije.Industrija shirt design has witnessed an avalanche of new designs, materials and colors. Some new projects were based on old concepts.

However, improvement in quality fabrics and sophisticated manufacturing techniques ensure that the new breed shirts are unrecognizable from the old type of shirt, even if the design concept of both types are the same. Here is an overview of some of the spectacular fashion trends and ideas in the world of men's shirts.

or ready to order?

Which is better? Ready-made T-shirts or shirts made ​​to order? This confusion is that many people still have. For some special occasions like weddings, people employ a familiar shirt designers to create special type of fabric. Also, if you want a special kind of shirt that is not easily accessible in final form, it is better to opt for custom shirts. Barring these two cases, it is safe to opt for ready-made shirts from quality brands.

Some of you say that May is your local tailors know your body shape and preferences better than in-house designers of famous brands. He May be the truth. However, this happens very rarely. The in-house designer men's shirts big brands are real professionals who keep up with the latest changes in fashion trends. You will not often find a local tailor with that kind of knowledge and motivation.

tuck in or tuck out?

For professional occasions, there is no choice. Formal dressing etiquette requires tucked-in shirts. Many people though do not want to tuck in their shirts because it shows a protruding belly. They can opt for the long tail of men's shirts for casual occasions. If you plan to wear tucked-out shirts, better opt for a half-sleeves. Full sleeves are always perfect for tucking in. T-shirts are a great option for those who want to keep the shirt tucked out. It offers a compact look and fit nicely on the body.

On the other hand, there are some people who like to wear shirts tucked-in ever. There is no problem with this habit. Only thing is that such people should avoid shirts. Some decades tucked-in shirts as a fashion craze. However, they no longer are in the reckoning.

New trends in materials shirts

Traditionally, the natural fibers and synthetic fibers are used for the production of shirts. Cotton is a natural fiber such as polyester and is an example of an artificial fiber. Cotton is expensive and should have better quality.

On the other hand, the main advantage of polyester is its cost effectiveness. Today, poly-cotton - a combination of good characteristics of cotton and polyester - mainly used for men's shirts. Among other shirt material, metallic silk deserves special mention. T-shirts of white silk metallic, are ideal for special occasions and ceremonies.


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