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Something Blue For Your Wedding

We've all heard the old adage "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue." Did you know that the blue color represents loyalty, which is associated with weddings? Whether you want just a hint of blue or completely blue themed wedding, there are many great ways to use the color blue into your wedding.

is a brilliant blue color to use in wedding. It comes in many different shades, from the classic navy blue female babies, to the famous Tiffany blue. Even the most pastel shades of blue will be acceptable for the majority of the groom colors like pink or lilac, which is a plus. In addition, blue can be combined with other colors to create an entirely different effect.

In accordance with the old saying, most brides would want advice from somewhere blue wedding outfits. It can be subtle as a blue flower on the garter, or as prominent as the blue sash around the waist wedding gown. Many brides will opt to get their "something blue" in their wedding jewelry. You often see a little blue Swarovski crystals mixed with a pearl to a lovely drop earrings. Of course, you can always do what I did and paint your toenails blue (I have to wear closed toed shoes)!

Blue is an extremely popular choice for bridesmaid dresses because it is universally flattering. You can set a different tone from the shade of blue to choose, especially when you mix it with other colors. For example, black strapless dress with chocolate brown trim to height of sophistication. The Navy will be traditional, with white trim takes a fresh, nautical appeal. Blue and green together can be great for a wedding to the ocean.

Often brides will decide that their attendants bridesmaid jewelry handmade with blue crystals to match the dresses. Blue is an excellent choice for bridesmaid jewelry, because they simply can not wear again after the wedding. Most women have a lot of blue in their closets, so the pieces will be mixed in quite easily. Blue crystal earrings also look great with a great pair of jeans and a cute top for an evening out.

You can not go wrong with blue decorations for your reception. Tablecloths look very nice in blue, and this is the color that will not feel superior to količinama.Jedna big thing that is hard to come by a blue flower. At certain times of year, you can get blue hydrangeas that Nantucket is known, but they can be more expensive. In addition, there is no such thing as too much good thing.

If you chose the blue sheets, you can choose a flower in an accent color instead of trying to get blue flowers. White is always nice for a fresh look with any shade of blue. Pastel blue would look very nice combined with any other pastel flowers, such as pale pink or lavender. The bright colors pop a couple of red flowers with Tiffany blue color scheme. Just be careful when combining red and navy, as it can end up looking like the Fourth of July party for the wedding.

Blue is the most versatile color. It works beautifully for the wedding because there are so many ways that can be used. When planning your wedding clothes and decor, do not forget to include your "something blue".


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