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Scarves in London Fashion Week

While most people are thinking about taking off your woolies as a step in the spring, London Fashion Week is already looking for fall / winter. This famous London fashion event was held in February this year, and gives us insight on what will be in our high street stores later this year. With designers such as House of Holland and Vivienne Westwood, creating the look we can take a sneaky peak of what is known to keep in our closet this year.

Time and time again on the runway and see the extent of women's fashion. Not just the pads in 80'that were popular, but recently the smart tailoring is definitely here in a big way. Whether it is a little jacket with tailored pants or tailored shift dress that emphasizes the waist look is smart and sophisticated. If you have the shirt for example to take it all the way up to the top of the button to get a real look.

If you want to add some color to a smart tailored look you can just add a little scarf tied around his neck. It is many times seen on the catwalk with designers such as Vivienne Westwood. Choose simple and fitted dress that comes down and the IT team with a brightly colored square scarf that is folded in half and tied around the neck. This look is so elegant and the best deal at the elegant restaurant or a lunch with friends.

Tween, and the name of fashion coming from Istanbul, was also demonstrated in the luxury woolen scarf when used by men, and for this winter, when teamed with a built-in coat and scarf for men can look sophisticated and seksi.Izgled the use darker colors off and wrap a scarf around his neck many times, so you just get a collar with no effect over the longer down. It can be worn alone or teamed with the matching woolen caps.

scarf is a fashion accessory that never left the runway. London Fashion Week has shown that this versatile accessory is not only up to the minute, but it adds glamor to any wardrobe. You can give your outfit a completely different look with the use of neck scarf. Try experimenting with different colors and patterns to jazz in the custom look this fall.


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