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Peter Som - Fashion Designer Profile

Peter Som is a Sino-American fashion designer who grew up in San Francisco, California. His parents were the architects who have influenced his design of high-quality women's clothing. Catfish attended Connecticut College, where he was concentrations of study studio art and art history.

After changing your work area mode, SOM is then transferred to Parsons School of Design. While studying there, Catfish learned from renowned American designers such as Calvin Klein. After that, the catfish improved their fashion design skills while working for Bill Blass. Since then, the catfish is recognized as one of the best new fashion designer in the industry.

While it is relatively new in the fashion industry, he has already had a huge impact on the industry. Som has won several awards during his career, for excellence in the fashion industry. These include those associated with organizations such as Perris Ellis and Lord & Taylor. Various magazines have also featured catfish collections, including:. "Vogue," "Harper's Bazaar" and besides, Peter Som has had several high-profile customers, including Mandy Moore, Scarlett Johansson, and Michelle Obama.


His fashion company sells a wide range of quality products. So you'll have trouble finding products that will be satisfied.


Here are some key features Peter Som as follows:

1 Elegance

Finally, it is one of the features that women often seek in Ladies' fashion. His creations are definitely deliver. While they have clean lines, and include those curves that are distinctly feminine.

2 Freshness

fashion industry is one that is constantly evolving. And customers are always looking for new and exciting approach to fashion. This is exactly what they can expect from him. His unique approach to fashion has earned him several prestigious awards. Interestingly, his parents' background in architecture has had a major influence on his fashion design. Do other designers are outside influences that have affected her fashion designs? Yes, but rarely is the architecture of one of them. The catfish is out of his personal intentions trademark fashion as a "bent". This is definitely a word that is not normally hear during the day.

3 The uniqueness of the

One of the key features of its fashion is that includes a fascinating blend of curves and clean lines. It helped that his fashion company one of the most innovative and interesting business. When Peter Som started his career in the fashion industry, some experts have compared his style to those of other fashion designers. However, since then he has created a fashion style that is uniquely his.

4 The popularity of

Several celebrities wore in public, and are fully satisfied, catfish fashion creations. In fact, his list of satisfied customers includes celebrities from various media and the U.S. President's wife, herself! While this does not mean that every woman will like her fashion creations, it definitely increases the likelihood of that.

For women who are interested in new and innovative approach, there are the fashion creations of Peter Som. He quickly became one of the most exciting names in the competitive world of female fashion.


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