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Men's Fashion Trends Spring 2008 - Top Ten List

Spring 2008 comes with a subtle elegance and glamor of old Hollywood and classic all-American look for stylish weekend wear. I pointed out to you my top ten trends for the season for work and casual. Men at any age will surely find some stylish new items for spring, try to look fashionable and beautiful, no matter what their lifestyle is called for this season.

1). Work Wear

of the season you will find a refined style of men's clothing at mjeri.Odijelo this season will be printed Glen plaid in shades of gray. Tan suits and sport coats in a tropical weight or linen fabrics will be moving into the spotlight as we transition into warmer weather. I always love a lighter hair color with a silk blend sport for those dressier occasions. You can not go wrong with a basic navy blazer nautical look this season and next spring with a dash of style. Pair the refined suit or sport coat with shirt dress made ​​from luxurious Pima cotton and sophisticated look elegantan.Kravata this season keeps the romantic impression with a lot of herbal floral prints, offers a new alternative for their solids and stripes.

2). Modern Blazers

for a casual Friday or weekend look, consider buying a new lightweight and un-constructed blazer is comfortable and gives a touch of sporty style pants or jeans. This season the modern blazer will be seen with appliques on the back and down the front. Cargo blazers with big pockets that button will have a casual feeling. This season, coordinate their UN-built sports jacket over a new graphic knit or woven fine line, for more formal look for those casual workdays.

3). Half of All American

American icon, polo shirt, which is classic and preppy, will be in the middle of the season. All men's reseller status, such as Polo and Lacoste (with the logo on the shirt), have a wide range of colors and stripes this season, making this classic item new again. This spring it's all about bright bold colors. Buy polo in bright, saturated colors - like yellow, orange, green, blue, red, pink or lavender - to give you an updated look. Check out the luxury Polo is made of mercerized cotton, or silk / cotton blend. They always look elegant when worn with shorts, khaki or jeans. Wear it layered under a blazer for a more stylish look when wearing business casual.

4). Opposites attract

Try multi-vertical striped shirt this season with his sleeves rolled back to show a new pattern in a contrasting cuff. You will see many printed shirts with contrasting collar and cuffs, showing two different patterns or colors, but coordinated look very modern. This type of shirt will look very fashionable to wear with dark jeans, add a little color and print from the ensemble.

5). Short pants, shorts and more Shorts

coming season with a pair of shorts in various styles. The latest appearance of the spring will be a burden, Chino flat front and a plaid Bermuda shorts with belt. All of these shorts will come in great washed neutrals and new plaids. You will see men's clothing, inspired by the patterns with metallic hardware details that require attention. Wear these shorts with a graphic tee or woven paper. For swimsuit or shorts to wear at the beach, try the new board shorts in plaid and floral prints.

6). New nonwovens

In spring 2008 woven shirt takes on a whole new look. You will find military inspired patches and appliques on the shirt, and a tonal embroidery everywhere, from front to back and cuffs. You'll find short shirts woven envelopes with graphic detail on the back of the shirts, and lots of prints available for that modern look. If you like a blanket, and different types of print, you will find this new styling for the classic woven refreshing. Try one of the new washed woven shirts worn with plaid shorts to create a new look.

7). Graphic Pockets

Denim is a great way to express your style on casual days. It is comfortable, and jeans this season will be full of graphical detail. You'll find details and a link to the curved back pockets add some style and create a high output pant. New Ed Hardy Jean even has his signature in large print on Derrière. These new jeans look great when worn with a woven shirt that includes subtle paintings.

8). Sitting on the Dock Of The Bay

This season the shoe of choice is a casual boat shoe. This looks great when worn with shorts, jeans or khaki for those weekend occasions. Extremely casual, classic and comfortable they make a big comeback for spring / summer 2008. You can not go wrong with classic Sperry Top Sider but boat shoes will also be the focus for many updated shoe vendors. Wear this boat shoe with the classic polo and a large flat front Chino shorts for all-American weekend look.

9). Classic whites

When the warmer weather approaches, people like the pace of change in brighter tones. You'll find fresh white linen back in pants, shorts, jeans, knits, silk shirts, jackets and casual wear to a warm weather vacation or casual evening out. Get out of my drab dark winter colors and have your wardrobe to be versatile and stylish for all seasons.

10). Top Gun Style

Everyone loves great sunglasses that are indicative of his personal style, while protecting your eyes from the summer sun. This season it's all about aviator sunglasses. They are stylish and come in various styles from many manufacturers. Find a pair that works with facial sizes and shapes. This is a must-have accessory item for everyone this season. I hope that when you shop this season for your business and casual wardrobe, you will find several modern trends that work for you. I shared with you some tips on how to wear trends and match them to look stylish as you venture in the hot weather.


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