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Gant Fall 09 Collection - Nothing Short of Spectacular

Sa svakim Gant stvaranje pažljivo izrađen i prilagođen zajedno s pažnju na detalje ovo premijerno muška odjeća dizajner je tako dobro za poštuju, to nije nikakvo čudo da ostanemo tako nadahnuta.Savršena kombinacija življenja i izgleda dobro u tom procesu je nepogrešiv u skladu Gant muška odjeća.


Men's Gant recently and perfectly presented his 2009 collection of menswear. I sent nothing less than spectacular. Known for his art by combining a relaxed and semi-formal wear to define its unique appearance, no less prestigious Gant. Spring and summer brought us a collection of Dolce Vita and new products are now easily transition into the colder months. In accordance with the marine blues and crisp whites, and the contrasting colors of the jackets, polo shirts and tees, fall and winter promises to provide the wearer with elegance in the new season. Look at some of the jewels of the season:


Narrow pinstripes and soft contrasts of gray, black and blues combine in a number of Blazers that are sure to be final in the new season. This collection is a persistent and confident, sexy and bold. Professionally designed with careful and precise stitching, these are perfect over jeans or similar striped pant that further complements the line of these layers.

Of course, Gant jeans, with special attention paid to this designer cut and fit is still the favorite for the

Gant fans. With rugged looks, they just go with a comfortable half on a crisp white collar beneath one of the new pea coat design. All Gant jeans are machine washable and available in a variety of laundry, including new distressed look.

With each Gant creating carefully designed and tailored with attention to detail this premier menswear designer is so well respected for it is no wonder that we remain so nadahnuta.Savršena combination of living and looking good in this process is indispensable in Gant menswear line.


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